#EngTalk: the impact of the reduction of English learning hours in high school

I have a quite interesting topic to discuss today and I wanna hear your thoughts about it. :)

According to a post in this Facebook group, in the new curriculum that will be applied in July 2013 English learning hours in SMP/ SMA (junior/ senior high school) will be reduced from 120/180 minutes to only 90 minutes.

Do you think this reduction of English learning hours is good or bad? And why do you think so? Share your thoughts, fellas.

  1. @rhapsodicx: bad. We should keep traditional culture but we need English to cope with international standard
  2. @HondaCB919_: i think that’s a good idea to not stressing every student becoz to me, English is actually easier when its used everyday. everyday means that you tryna speak, write, and many more in every situation.. not only in that many hours…
  3. @daudayey: i would stand 4 disagreement. the infrastructure and system to support English learning outside the formal class are just bad. thinking of the larger scale, urging English for everyday use is pointless. here and there youngster ‘r using their mother’s.
  4. @MrJulioRendy: Bad news..Maybe for them,Indonesian is more important..
  5. @RisalJunR: That’s bad, besides we seldom use English in our daily life, and also we’ll only have less time for learning it
  6. @fachryihdam: Padahal di Asia Tenggara, Indonesia termasuk yang paling ketinggalan loh kemampuan orang-orangnya berbahasa Inggris. Considering Indonesia is one of the worst English speakers in Southeast Asia also a nightmare, bro. So, that damn policy has to be taken down. Soon. Coz, english becomes more important day by day.
  7. @amnss: bad.we need English to compete in this world.It’s useless if we smart but we can’t tell what’s in our mind bcs we cant speak
  8. @HadiSyuja: If the teaching method is improved, nothing to worry” | Admin: What kind of teaching method would you propose? :)
  9. @devinasalmaniaI think it’s okay, if they improve the learning system as well. The real problem isn’t long hours anyway, it’s the system. | Admin: What’s wrong with the learning system? Would you mind elaborating it?
  10. @DewaNikira: student should follow your twit acc if they reduce eng.class hours.:D” | Admin: Nice. But do you think it’s enough? :)
  11. @ajeeenggg: that’s extremely bad, as you know indonesian students barely use English in real life so what would it be then? so bad idea!!
  12. @_Aisyahs: that’s bad.. I love english even my teacher is so incompetent. Reduce its learning time will make the students lazy
  13. @_rvnl: as long as student can improve their english skill perpetually, no need to worry :) ’cause the best teacher is how make student can improve their skill without being taught
  14. @FairuzAlief:  it’s quite bad, considering English is no more labelled as foreign language but already a second languange in many countries. if the government reduce the amount of studying English, I’m myself scared that the next generation couldn’t master English. it’s true and quite debatable that learning English is not only from school but IMHO, school is indeed the foundation of it. those people who take cram schools or courses for English bcz mostly they realize the importance of English in real life. but what about the ppl who don’t know the importance of English? They won’t try to learn one resulting lack of English skill. the peers who don’t know English will be found hard to searching for job bcs most job nowadays need English as its main need. to conclude it all, I think government should re-think abt this. It’s not funny if it makes negative impacts for youngsters.

Admin: Many of you stated we can learn English anywhere, not only at school. That’s true. When I was a kid I used English since I found learning English was interesting and my parents also used English at home. Now as an English teacher I realized that not everyone has the same ‘talent’ in learning languages (we all have our own talents, e.g. in engineering, mathematics, etc.) and not everyone lives in an environment (i.e. family) that supports the use of English. If they’re not exposed so early, as they grow up, they usually end up taking English course/lesson. And these classes can be costly. What do you think about this?

  1. @winisaywinnie: it’s not good idea, in my opinion it’s better to add Indonesian Learning hours than reduce English learning hours. i think learning hours is also important coz teachers need more times to repeat! Repetition is very useful for my students :)
  2. @rarasyulia: it’s a bad news, indeed, coz English is all about practice, more time are better (1) but if you like to learn from other sources, not only from ur teacher and your book, it’ll be okay (2) in fact you can learn English from movies, songs, and it’s fun,then, would you learn from those above mentioned?(3)
  3. @rmdhn: As far as I know, Indonesia’s teaching system still doesn’t involve student to be more active in using English. That is bad. And reducing the learning hours of it? It’s even worse.
  4. @Ubayou: non sense! While children in Philippines n Malay who also have mother language are fluent in speaking English. how could they introduce their heritage globally while the medium is screwed!
  5. @iamderi: reduction for English learning is good. but we’ve to take the positive thing that students can learn English from any field. having much/less hours in English learning at school will not give effectiveness 4 student,but everyday to learn English is effective. so, learning English from any field such internet, journal, book etc. everyday is good for student.
  6. @Ms_AmAmi: According to multiple-intelligent theory, language skill is called language intelligent. So, everyone doesn’t have the same skill and ability to learn language, especially foreign language :)
  7. @nofaaditya: It doesn’t matter as long as the “system” running well. The question is, it will be more effective for students?
  8. @MegDafiLee: mostly our school way of teaching emphasized only on theory not on the practice. That’s why its about the system. The effectiveness of the way of teaching in the school hours :D
  9. @Miss_Qiak: That would be a great disadvantage for students since English is THE international language, you’ll definitely need it to communicate with foreigners should you wish to broaden your network globally like when you wish to work overseas or expand your business and cooperate with foreign companies. Well, having said that, why not see the bright side? Should one door is close, another door shall be open. *or so* If you can’t get it from school, there are English courses or even the Internet. Students would then be encouraged to find other sources of information. Time to get the move on! Don’t wait to be spoon-fed, take action & do something to improve your English.
  10. @ravenoraka: what about the middle and lower class of society that can’t afford English course? It’ll cause a great impact to our society
  11. @ditandit@rmdhn agree with u, they only teach us about grammar & made me stuck on that. It’s trouble
  12. @abibobb: it means very extra hard work for teacher to maximize English lesson
  13. @stupidisa: some people lack the motivation and interest to learn English by themselves. It’s sad, but it’s true. So I think learning English at school is very important, to “force” those who lack motivation to learn the basics.
  14. @cutipahmala: learning English and learning our own culture should grow simultaneously.
  15. @zainalpcr: even w/ the current hours, it’s far from enough. We’re not fixing the problem by reducing, but improving our teacher’s competence. if we’re reducing, what about those students who cant afford joining English course? It’s just like u stop curing ur illness because u’r not cured yet. Find another medication. Not stopping it. Don;t be quitter
  16. @ichatifany: it’s really bad, even people say that they would study from other sources,English learning in school is the main source I think
  17. @ayaatyara: I don’t think it’s about the hours, even though we have more than 3 hours per session in learning English,but we don’t practice it,it nonsense. as we know that language is different w/ math,phsy,chemistry,and others. Language is used for speaking, we’ve to encourage ourselves to speak. but as we know too in Indonesia there are just a few teachers who encourage their students to speak English while learning.  as a result, many people are really smart at the theory but they can’t express their idea into words. The system of teaching itself become the problem
  18. @ocutocut: It’s not about how many hours you spend in class. Learning doesn’t mean you have to sit on a table in a class with a teacher. It’s about being aware of anything around you where you can take lessons from. Teachers should inspire their students to learn from any resource they can find, and it can be anything. Teachers should be able to inspire their students to want to learn. So they’d love learning, anytime, anywhere.
  19. @renggasanti: one more thing…if English time is reduced, most poor students will lost their chance to learn English FOR FREE.
  20. @rmdhn: Indonesia’s environment is still unfavorable to encourage the youngsters to use active English skill in their daily life.. That’s why to enhance the proficiency of English, school environment must be made to be favorable. But it’s not only school.. environment, but the government should do something to change the way students learn English. It should trigger students… to be more active in using English. That way, the students will see how important to use English. By decreasing the learning hour and keeping the traditional learning system are as same as make a fragile basic foundation

Wow, thanks for all the thoughts and participation on today’s #EngTalk, fellas. I’m sorry couldn’t RT all your tweets. They’re appreciated. :)

I’m not gonna make any conclusion as I’ll leave it up to you. Perhaps this could be something you share with your friends and peers.

Some of you had longer personal conversations. Remember, though we might have different opinions, we shall not hate each other. :)

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on March 18, 2013

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