#EngTalk: Describing Star Wars characters’ physical appearance

Is anybody here a fan of this? Raise your hand!



Not a Star Wars fan? But are you familiar with the man in the image above? It’s Hayden Christensen plays Anakin Skywalker. Can you describe his physical appearance from the photo? Is he tall? Is he handsome? Is he ugly? Tell me!

“He is good looking, he is tall, he has white skin and he has blond curly hair.” – @dyaeliza

“He has brown eyes, brown hair and also looks like muscular body. I noticed he has Adam’s apple. lol” – @RainxoxoKelly

“He is a handsome tall curly blonde hair man.” – @Fani_NotFunny

If moments ago we talked about personality traits (read #EngVocab: characters personality), now let’s practice describing people’s appearance!

Star Wars has unique and interesting characters you could never imagine. Now I challenge you to describe them with your own words.

1) Padme Amidala


“She’s tall. She has white and smooth skin. She wears black dress. She has straight and black hair. Her lips are red.” – @eriseryess

“She’s slim,has a brown hair,thin red lips,sharp nose,sparkling.” – eyes *halah wkwk,over all she’s prettier than me… -_-” – @aisyahkamaliaa

“She wear black dress like magician,,not pretty enough than me…haaha :-D.” – @maratinafi

“She’s so attractive, charming and powerful. Her skin looks so smooth. ;P.” – @RainxoxoKelly

“mmm… she’s genuinely attractive, she’s slim, and she is fairly sexy.” – @dyaeliza

She has a good dress :).” – @GitaWidianto

“her dress looks like a semi cat woman . But she is beautiful.” – audicornelia

2) Master Yoda


“He has weird ears and also his finger.” – @jeengazie

“He’s short and have a green skin, white hair, three fingers, and long ears.” – @alignrd

“Apparently, he has three fingers, green skin and bold.” – @RainxoxoKelly

“He looks like smeagol.” – @kid_kencana

“He looks like, Picollo.” – @HondaCB919_

Pretty small, he is…” – @RyneHaruya

@IndrRhm: “he looks smart, its because he’s “master” you know lol.” – @IndrRhm

3) Obi-Wan Kenobi


“Caucasian male, handsome, brunette.” – @dianaemamusda

“He has mustache and bread. Quite tall and broad shoulder.” – @RainxoxoKelly

He’s had brown hair and wears a red boots and brown suit.” – @alignrd

“He wears weird boots.” – @StRakhma

“Obi Wan Kanobi, he’s fair and has short brown hair.” – @qiftymaria

4) Darth Vader


“Mighty.” – @arenarendo

He wears a black mask, black suit, and black shoes.” – @alignrd

“He looks like a robot with all everything whose he wears.” – @jeengazie

cool, strong & evil.” – @Rp_45

5) Chewbacca


He has brown hair everywhere in his body.” – @alignrd

“Tall, Furry, Yeti / Bigfoot looked a like.” – @ramenoodle

“Cute!” – @ramenoodle

“he’s definitely hirsute ))).” – @The_essence_of

“hoho… he resembles a gorilla with long feet… so scary!!!” – @dyaeliza

“Hairy.” – @aldijafril

6) Princess Leia


“She can kill anybody that stand in her way.” – @RainxoxoKelly

“She is pale, she is slim,she has black hair.” – @rhapsodicx

“She looks like want to say,”don’t you dare touch my kerupuk, or I will kill you!” Bamm!” – @alignrd

“Weird hair, sharp look, she looks like a killer or maybe a guardian :).” – @IndrRhm

“she wears white long dress and white shoes. She has bright skin and short hair. She also hold a gun.” – @adheshedhe

“she’s strong woman like me muahahaha.” – @trimaritania

“She has a curly hair and sharp eyes. She is in her white dress and holding up her black rifle!” – @dhaniedewanta

7) Jabba the Hutt


“Scary:|.” – @Pritaysr

“What a pretty cool frog with a nice tail :).” – @kid_kencana

“Wow, it’s terrible.” – @eriseryess

8) C-3PO


“Gold. Cute. He is a robot.” – @Belangblaster

It’s metalic. It’s gold.” – @eriseryess

“Golden robot.” – @RainxoxoKelly

“Gold, fancy, expensive.” – @Lavenderrrrrrr

9) Han Solo


“Cool! :)).” – @GembulHale

“So smart and handsome! xoxo.” – @RainxoxoKelly

“He has a nice belt ♥.” – @GitaWidianto

“Sorta half waiter and cowboy. And a mountain climber.” – @Wisznu

10) Stormtrooper


“An ugly trooper who cant kill anybody with his laser gun.” – @RyneHaruya

“Fancy white robot with two chins and laser gun.” – @miamiamiya

“Black and white robot with big gun.” – @RainxoxoKelly


Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Monday, April 8, 2013

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