#EngVocab: Concert Terms

Hello hello, fellas. How was your weekend? Good or bad? Share it with us. ;D

Today’s session is #EngVocab. I’ll share some terms in concert. Let’s start it… :D

  1. Backstage (n): a stage area out of sight of the audience.
  2. Encore (n): an additional performance added to the end of a concert, from the French “encore”, which means “again”, “some more”.
  3. Endorse (v): to give approval of or support to.
  4. Endorsement (n): the act of endorsing.
  5. Gig (n): a live performance, either musical, theatrical, or physical.
  6. Groupie (n): an ardent fan of a group/a singer; originally, often a girl who follows the members of a group/singer on tour.
  7. Promoter (n): a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments.
  8. Rave (n): a name given to various types of dance music, such as techno, that feature fast electronic rhythm.
  9. Rave (v): to participate in an all-night techno dance party.
  10. Roadie (n): A person who loads, unloads, and sets up equipment and often performs errands for musicians on tour. 
  11. Setlist (n): a document that lists the songs that a band/musical artist intends to play, or has played, during a concert. 
  12. Opening act (n): a singer/band that performs at a concert before the main singer/band. 
  13. Stage (n): a large platform on which people can stand and can be seen by an audience.

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That’s the end of today’s session. Cheerio, fellas! See you tomorrow. :)

Compiled and written by @fabfebby at @EnglishTips4U on December 16 , 2012

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