#EngVocab: Collectible vs Collectable

Good evening everyone :) So today admin wants to share something about the internet. It’s rapidly evolving isn’t it?

Did you notice that we like to buy collectible things online?

Hang on, that should be collectable, isn’t it?

Admin was intrigued by the phenomena that we like to collect things and that could be anything

When looking up for the word ‘collectible’, ‘collectable’ came up, which one is right and which one is wrong? :(

Actually, both of them are right :)

Grammar Logs stated that based on the Meriam-Webster online dictionary, “collectable” is a variant of “collectible”

R.W. Burchfield on The New Fowler’s Modern English Usage stated “collectable” is the preferred spelling of these words but “collectible” is used more frequently in the USA if you’re into the antiques and collectibles crowd.

Online Oxford Dictionaries explained that collectible is usually used in the senses ‘worth collecting’ and ‘an object valued by collectors’

Such as: This collectible antique clock will be auctioned soon.

Whereas collectable is usually used to mean ‘able to be collected’

Such as: Your tickets are collectable at the box office.

‘Collectible’ and ‘collectable’ are adjectives while its noun would usually be ‘collectibles’ which can also be ‘collectables’

Such as: Collectibles of my favourite band would be the most awesome present to get for my birthday.

But, for example, when a book is stated ‘collectible’ what’s the difference with ‘new’ and ‘used’? Such as questioned here: http://askville.amazon.com/collectible-opposed-books-listed/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=7493919

Summary of its answers stated that:

-> Collectible may be new or used, and the listing should also add that as a description since part of the “collectible” element is also CONDITION.

-> Collectable means the book or any other object has value beyond its original value or the value is anticipated to go up

-> It means that this is a book that would be desirable to book collectors, that is, a first edition of a sought-after book in collector’s condition

-> Usually very old and have long gone out of production

But nothing is forced, so it goes back to you if you think an item is ‘collectible’/’collectable’ or not :)

By the way, ‘Collector’s Item’ can also refer to collectibles or things that are collectible or collectable

I hope this #EngVocab is something interesting and maybe collectible :) Have a great evening!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on February 5, 2013

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