#EngGame: Describe Them

How’re you doing this Saturday nite, fellas? Do you like movies & stories? Tonight’s #EngGame would be on this article » The greatest literary heroine of all time. Who is yours? (by: Sarah-Jane Collins)

Have you read the article, fellas? Here’s how to do tonight’s #EngGame » I have 8 phrases which you can find in the article.

All you have to do is tell me what the phrases mean (in the article) in your own words.

1. Know-it-all nerd.

2. Cornerstone of the series.

3. Feisty.

4. A whole other level of terrible.

5. Open-minded.

6. Give it a go.

7. The cracked spines.

8. Sticks to her guns.

Fellas’ responses:

1. @aynun Know-it-all nerd = Someone who knows a lot about a lot.

2. @anitrii Cornerstone of the series = an important part of the series/ of the whole story

3. @anitrii Feisty = active, expressive and full of determination

p.s.: A feisty person is also someone who is a risk taker, irritable and bold. To some, such person could be taken as courageous :)

4. @rinaaorinaa A whole other level of terrible = Very bad , kind of terrible it self

p.s.: In the article, “a whole other level of terrible” means to imply that writer’s piano skill is terribly bad, perhaps worse than the worst.

5. @anitrii Open-minded = willing to hear/accept different ideas/opinions.

6. @rinaaorinaa Give it a go = Have to try to read that asap “@EnglishTips4U: 6. Give it a go.

7. @rvrngtys The cracked spines = The part of the book’s jacket that encloses the inner edges of the pages n typically bearing the title is damaged.

8. @rvrngtys Sticks to her guns = She refuses to change her ideas, her beliefs, although other people try to make her change them.

Congratulations to @anitrii & @rvrngtys! You won a TOEFL book vouchers from @kesaint_blanc :D

Compiled and written by @miss_qiak at @EnglishTips4U on February 16, 2013

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