#USSlang: American slang (16) – Slang related to food

  1. Grub. Meaning: food.
    • Example:
      • “Are you hungry? Let’s grab some grub!”
  2. Cup O’ Joe. Meaning: coffee.
    • Example:
      • “I have to have a cup o’ Joe in morning or I’ll get so sleepy for my morning class.”
  3. Grinder. Meaning: long sandwich.
    • Example:
      • “Have you tried the new fish grinder? It’s my Mom’s favorite.”
  4. Lay off. Meaning: stop eating so much food.
    • Example:
      • “My boyfriend is gaining weight. Guess he should lay off the fast food.”
  5. Veggie. Meaning: vegetable.
    • Example:
      • “Gerard really loves veggie burger. I told him to be a vegetarian.”
  6. Wolf down. Meaning: to eat very quickly.
    • Example:
      • “Ray wolfed down five burgers and still asked his mother to buy him more.”
  7. Have a bite. Meaning: taste the food.
    • Example:
      • “The spaghetti is so delicious. Have a bite, Mike.”
  8. Grab a bite to eat. Meaning: get something to eat.
    • Example:
      • “Why don’t we grab a bite to eat on our way home? I’m so hungry.”

Compiled and written by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on Monday, January 7, 2013

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