#EngQuiz: Choose the right word!

So today, we’ll have a quiz! #EngQuiz :3 There will be a few topics, but the topics are the ones we have talked about earlier :D

Let’s start!

  1. I read about the concert announcement ____ the newspaper. (at/on/in) #EngQuiz
  2. I’ll fill the order form later ____ home. (at/on/in) #EngQuiz
  3. Did you learn English ____ school? (at/on/in) #EngQuiz
  4. Alex is exhausted. He’s sleeping ____ the carpet. (at/on/in) #EngQuiz
  5. Were you ____ the meeting too? (at/on/in) #EngQuiz
  6. Take a ____ at this baby picture of Jack. Cute! (Look/See/Watch) #EngQuiz
  7. I think I just ____ the band members pass by. (Looked/Saw/Watched) #EngQuiz
  8. Let’s ____ that DVD you borrowed. (Look/See/Watch) #EngQuiz
  9. ____ at my new band merch, isn’t it cool? (Look/See/Watch) #EngQuiz
  10. What did you ____ on TV this morning? (Look/See/Watch) #EngQuiz
  11. How ___ times a day do you listen to The Ready Set? (Much/Many) #EngQuiz
  12. I haven’t got ___ money. I can’t go to the concert. (Much/Many) #EngQuiz
  13. How ____ wristbands do we need? (Much/Many) #EngQuiz
  14. Can you hurry up? I don’t have ____ time! (Much/Many) #EngQuiz
  15. There were so ____ birds in the park. That view made me happy. (Much/Many) #EngQuiz


  1. In
  2. At
  3. At
  4. On
  5. At
  6. Look
  7. Saw
  8. Watch
  9. Look
  10. Watch
  11. Many
  12. Much
  13. Many
  14. Much
  15. Many

Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4U on February 6, 2013

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