#EngGame: #IOTW Guess the meaning of each idiom

It’s already 7 PM and it means I’m going to start today’s session. Today’s session will be about #IOTW but I make it in #EngGame format. :D

I will post 10 idioms and all you need to do is answer the meaning of each idiom. Don’t forget to put the number of each question. :)


1. Hit the nail on the head: ………
[a] to be far from the right answer
[b] to understand a situation precisely
[c] to build a tree house
[d] to need more explanation

2. Hold your horses: ………
[a] to rush to a conclusion
[b] to stop what you are doing
[c] to adjust the reins on a horse
[d] to slow down or to be patient

3. Apple of my eye: ………
[a] to go to church with someone
[b] to cherish someone
[c] to dislike someone
[d] to be similar to someone else

4. Cover all the bases: ………
[a] to be vague
[b] to score a home-run
[c] to make a certain all possibilities have been covered

5. Coast is clear: ………
[a] a bright blue ocean
[b] when there are many obstacles in the way
[c] when the ocean is bright blue
[d] nothing is in the way

6. Off the beaten path: ………
[a] to travel to a capital city
[b] to take the most traveled route
[c] to forge a path in the woods
[d] to be far away from civilization

7. Down in the dumps: ………
[a] to be mad at someone
[b] to feel like there is no hope
[c] to feel hopeful
[d] to dog through the garbage can

8. A penny for your thoughts: ………
[a] to pay someone to speak at an event
[b] to not care about what someone else is thinking
[c] to give all the information
[d] a request to hear what you are thinking about

9. Eyes are bigger than your stomach: ………
[a] to take more food than you can finish
[b] to need glasses
[c] to take just the right amount
[d] to not eat enough

10. On pins and needles: ………
[a] to wait
[b] not to looking forward to something
[c] to learn how to sew
[d] to anticipate something


Compiled and written by @fabfebby at @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, January 13, 2013.



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