#IOTW: Idioms Connected to War

So, year 2012 is ending and war, conflicts, even misusing guns seemed to keep on going anywhere in the world. “War is needed” somehow to certain people yet it’s no good at all. As they say, “A quarrel won’t solve a problem.”

In other hand, what happened in the war zone became everyday phrases in the forms of what admin will be sharing: Idioms of The Week. It doesn’t mean that you can do it, they are just expressions to what is happening in certain moments.

These moments are usually frustrating, fearless, related to work or crime moments, such as:

  1. Don’t shoot the messenger‘ or ‘Don’t kill the messenger.’ Meaning: don’t want to be blamed (bisa dipakai saat akan memberitahu suatu berita buruk tapi kamu tidak mau disalahi).
    •  Example:
      • “Please don’t shoot the messenger, but I got some bad news about the place that we’re going to rent.”
  2. Get the axe’ (‘Get the ax’ – US Spelling). Meaning: kamu diberhentikan/kehilangan pekerjaan.
    •  Example:
      • “I just got the axe this morning. It’s depressing.”
  3. Drop a bombshell.’ Meaning: terjadi saat seseorang mengumumkan bahwa suatu hal akan mengubah sebuah situasi secara drastis.
    •  Example:
      • “Oh my God, my boss will place me in Singapore! She just dropped a bombshell, my boyfriend is not going to be happy.”
  4. Knight in shining armour.’ Meaning: adalah seseorang yang menyelamatkanmu dari bahaya atau  problema yang buruk.
    •  Example:
      • “Oh Kevin, you’re such a knight in shining armour. I wouldn’t know what to say to the boss if you weren’t there.”
  5. Lock and load.’ Meaning: frase militer yang artinya “siap dan siagakan dirimu” (be ready and prepared).
    1.  Example:
      1.  “Lock and load guys! This is not going to be an easy meeting! We got to get a sponsorship from them!”
  6. Long shot.’ Meaning: digunakan saat mengetahui kesuksesan/kesempatan untuk meraih/mencapai sesuatu tidak memungkinkan.
    •  Example:
      • “This kind of work is a long shot for me. I have no work experience on it at all.”
  7. Over the top.’ Meaning: digunakan saat sesuatu terlihat berlebihan atau tidak diperlukan (lebay). Pada saat perang saat ‘over the top’ adalah saat satu prajurit meninggalkan persembunyiannya.
    •  Example:
      • I would like a gold plated folder, please.

      • Jake, that’s over the top, there’s no such thing.

  8. Smoking gun.’ Meaning: bukti utama/vital dari kesalahan seseorang atau kasus kriminal.
    •  Example:
      • “It looks like the police have found the smoking gun of that tragic robbery.”
  9. Tell it to the marines.’ Meaning: ekspresi yang digunakan saat tidak mempercayai kata-kata seseorang. Sepertinya idiom ini bisa juga termasuk kata-kata sarkastik (sarcasm)
    •  Example:
      • You know that Ivan is a strong man right?

      • Really? Tell it to the marines, I’m sure he’ll be able to carry box.

  10. War of words.’ Meaning: argumen yang terjadi antara orang-orang atau organisasi-organisasi.
    •  Example:
      • “Seems that war of words on David or Calvin is responsible of that event’s mess never settled.”

I hope those idioms are something interesting to learn, I’m sure some of you maybe have heard it before. As a human, let’s be a wise and intelligent human, the world has too much problems already, so don’t add more, respect more. :)

Have a great evening fellas!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.



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