#EngVocab: Now vs At the Moment

Evening fellas :) What have you been up to this mid of the week? May Wednesday had been a great day for you all :D

“So NOW I am going to show you this design that you requested which AT THE MOMENT looks like this”

Fellas, do you think that NOW and AT THE MOMENT have similarities? Or are they totally different word(s)?

RT @pychitaa: Yes but they’re actually different… its my opinion

RT @MAWARKEYRENSS: They have a different meaning

RT @_Aisyahs: I think it’s similar but using in different sentence

Hmmm… what do you think fellas? RT @salwainy: Now sekarang, at the moment saat ini? Bener gak min :D So what do fellas think that are similar between them? Do they have different meanings? Tell us! :D

RT @Stella_Mer: now=time that is still going on since discussed before. At the moment=when started discussing about the time happening.

RT @vinanya: now: sekarang, at the moment: pada saat, bukan sekarang.

RT @fdfebriani: no it’s different. i think now is more specific, and at the moment is for something unspecified.

RT @restugosa: they do have similar meaning in using present continusous tense coz they’re adverb of time in that sentence.

Say the examples are like these:

We have to work it out now. | At the moment we have to work it out.

Q1. Apakah menurut fellas salah satu dari kata-kata tersebut lebih tegas daripada yang satunya?

Q2. @restugosa tadi menyatakan kata-kata ini adalah adverb of time, yang mana lebih pas di kalimat ini?

Q3. Menurut fellas, apakah penempatan NOW selalu di belakang dan AT THE MOMENT selalu di depan? Your thoughts!

So here are your answers/thoughts responding to the questions :) Simak ya :D

A1. @enynuraini: Yg pertama lebih tegas

A1. @adheshedhe: in my opinion “now” has stronger meaning than “at the moment”

A1.@enynuraini: So, “now” have a stronger meaning than “at the moment” ? <- Dalam hal penegasan adverb of time-nya, iya :)

A2. @meccistimecca: yg pertama yg pke ‘now’ :)

A2. @mochibrahim: kalimat yg pertama dong

A3. @hil_ly: nope, it depends on the writer and the situation too :3

A3. @mochibrahim: tidak..now bisa di depan & belakng, at the moment kayaknya harus awal

A3. @meccistimecca: biasanya sih begitu :)

A3. Sebenarnya penempatannya itu memang tergantung kalimat dan situasinya…

A3. …namun lebih sering ditemukan seperti yang ditulis pada contoh di atas…

A3. ..dan saat AT THE MOMENT tidak di awal bisa juga berubah menjadi AT THIS MOMENT yang artinya juga SAAT INI.

So fellas hope today’s #EngVocab can be useful :) And for@liverpudlian2 who brought this up is not confused anymore :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on December 19, 2012

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