#EngQuiz: learning idioms/idiomatic expressions through Community TV series

Hello, fellas! What’s up? Today’s session will start in another half an hour. But before that, here’s a sneak peek!

Community TV series

How many of you know what was the photo I posted a while ago about? Tonight we’re having #EngQuiz with materials I took from the TV series!

The TV series in which the photo I posted is ‘Community,’ a sitcom that’s originally on NBC. Read more about it here Community (TV series). Remember how we always say we can always learn English the fun way? That’s including by watching TV series. This one’s admin’s favorite.

A simple thing is how the series uses lots of idioms/idiomatic expressions in dialogues. They are not something you can find in classrooms.

Now, related to the #EngQuiz we are going to have tonight, this is how we’re gonna do it..

  1. Admin will post dialogue bits from ‘Community’ TV series, ‘Law & Order’ episode, that contain idioms/idiomatic expressions.
  2. Guess the meaning of the idioms/idiomatic expressions that are indicated by the use of brackets (tanda kurung).
  3. When you answer the #EngQuiz, don’t forget to also put the number of the question.
  4. Admin will then RT your correct answers.

Ready?!? Here it is, #EngQuiz with Community TV series! ;-D

Quiz 1:

Jeff: He did not say that.

Annie: He basically said that. You let me handle the (needy greedy).

Quiz 2:

Troy: Looks like it’s gonna be a late night. How we manage to (pull the short straw)?

Quiz 3:

Pierce: Of course I watered it. It was my turn, wasn’t it? I (hold up my end).

Quiz 4:

Troy: The guy we’re looking for had a key to Bio room Monday night.

Neil: Monday night? (Rings a bell). I’ll check the log.

Quiz 5:

Troy: That doesn’t make sense! You don’t order a ketchup, it’s a condiment!

Abed: Troy, hey, (walk it off)! Troy!

Quiz 6:

Abed: Sorry, my friend, he’s a bad cop. I’m a good cop, you can trust me.

Star-Burns: OK.. Hey, I’m (not falling for that)!

Quiz 7:

Abed: I’d say (our hands are tied), but we basically have no hands.

Quiz 8:

Jeff: You don’t need authority to get a confession. .. Break into his locker. You’ll find enough (dirt) to bury him.

Quiz 9:

Star-Burns: If you promise I won’t get in trouble for stealing that meth lab stuff. .. (Pinky swear)?

Quiz 10:

Dean Pelton: I’m inclined to agree with the man in the uniform.

Jeff: (Shocker)!

Quiz 11:

Troy: I’m sorry about my partner. He’s been (on the edge) ever since we switched.

Quiz 12:

Annie: .. but when (the going gets tough), Winger gets nervous, huh?!

Wondering what those idioms/idiomatic expressions in tonight’s#EngQuiz mean? Well, here they are!


  1. “Needy greedy= orang yang suka mencari perhatian? Trouble maker?” – @anie_1225
  2. “Refers to a way of choosing pple to do something, usually unpleasant job that nobody is going to volunteer for.” – @tatooyy
  3. “Hold up my end= keep the promises or work on his/her resposibilities?” – @anie_1225;  “Hold up my end : Did as assigned/promised.” – @stupidisa
  4. “Rings a bell = got the idea ? or like rembered something like aha!” – @anie_1225;  “rings a bell: reminds him about smthing.” – | @namirah_32
  5. “walk it off = trying to calming the others, maybe like just forget it; it’s okay, let’s get new one.” – ‏@anie_1225
  6. “Recognize a trick and refuse to be deceived by it.” – @anggirezky; “Hey, I’m (not falling for that)= it doesn’t trick me, I cant be fooled by that.” –  @namirah_32
  7. “Our hands are tied: doesn’t have the authority to do something.” –@stupidisa;  “Our hands are tied = We couldn’t do anything (that may help).” – @bonibayu
  8. “Evidence.” – @Istiquers:
  9. “An eternally binding promise, which, if broken, will result in the culprit losing his or her pinky, like in japanese movie if one of them break the promises something bad happen.” – @anie_1225; “pinky swear: a vow, a way to make a deal by linking pinky.” @Melmaymiss
  10. “Shocker: Such a surprise.” – @pskbd
  11. “On the edge: Having a very bad mood. – @stupidisa; “on the edge= on uncomfortable situation or unsteady stage(condition).” – @anie_1225
  12. “Going gets tough: problem/matter gets complicated or critical.” – @pskbd;  “The going gets tough= The things become difficult.” – @bonibayu

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.



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