#EngPic: fix the typos and/or grammar

Hi, fellas! What’s up? Did you know that learning from pictures can be fun? That’s exactly what we will do today! Stay tuned for #EngPic! :-)

We did an #EngPic session a couple of months ago and you can have a look at it again here #EngPic: Fix the typos.

If in previous session you had to fix the typos in the pictures, tonight, not only the typos, you also have to correct the grammar.

PS: we took these photos via Google search, thus they are the property of their respective owners.





funny English sign- toilet woman4. 








1214415633For those who love finding mistakes in English writing, this is your time! Don’t just laugh at them, FIX THEM! Can you? ;-)

Moment of truth! Here are the corrections of the typos and grammar mistakes in the photos we shared tonight…


  1. @cindyviran: It gets better
  2.  ‏@LV_Ayuningtyas: 2. If you see anything suspicious or can cause disturbance to flight safety.. | @eieei: If you see something suspicious or could disturb the aviation’s safety
  3. @rizkaka99: Women’s Toilet
  4. Well, nobody seemed to give correct correction for photo number 4. Let me help you on what the photo is actually trying to say: ‘Setelah makan silakan kembalikan sendiri alat makan ke tempatnya.’ | @Oetij: Please return tableware after finishing your meal. | @ACaustincherry: put the dishes back on the right place after meal
  5. 5. Again, no one seemed to give correct correction for photo number 5. What is the sign actually trying to tell us? Here: ‘Harap membayar 2 dolar per kantong plastik jika ingin menggunakannya.’ | @NivalDo_BS: to use plastic bag please pay off 2 dollar (Just a little more correction for photo number 5: To use plastic bag please pay 2 dollars each.) | @zoeyZe: $2/bag | Anyway, stop using the word ‘abuse’ for the plastic bag. You can’t abuse a plastic bag, can you?! Check your dictionary! LOL. X))
  6. @fitriani_lani: 6. Welcome tourists. We speak English.
  7. ‏@iSP_Astronaut: Please Shut The Door
  8.  @winewinda: 8. please keep chair on the position and keep table clean after using. | Additions for photo number 8. Have a look at the photo: dying = dining (makan), corporation = cooperation (kerja sama).
  9. @dutawira: Be careful of the falling stones! No loitering | For photo number 9, ‘No loitering!’ means ‘Dilarang berkeliaran!’ Of course because of the ‘falling stones’ (batu yg berjatuhan).
  10. @iSP_Astronaut: Beware of falling into the water! | @winewinda: 10. be careful of not falling into the water

That’s a wrap! I hope you gained something from the lesson today. How to avoid mistakes? Read, listen, practice A LOT, and never give up! ;-D

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on November 20, 2012

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