#EngTrivia: Who vs Which

Is anyone here confused with the word usage who and which? Even admin gets confused sometimes :S

@ikawdy: who is for person, which is for things.

@dharma_andri: well, it’s actually pretty simple, min. who = animate object, while which = inanimate object.

@arynugey: Exactly who for someone and which for something, isn’t it?._.

Well, seems most of you got it right there, or is it? ;D

So today admin will share some facts about them through a short #EngTrivia session :)

I. There are TWO MAIN WAYS you use ‘WHO’ and ‘WHICH’

You need ‘who’ and ‘which’ for questions. E.g. “Who was that?”, “Which is your favourite?”

And you can also use them for LINKING two parts of a sentence TOGETHER.


1) Who -> Hilary is a girl who wants a world without soap.

2) Which-> They were chased by a dog which was enourmous.

And yes, as some fellas stated before that I retweeted :) :

II. Use ‘Who’ for PEOPLE and use ‘Which’ for THINGS

When you write about PEOPLE you ALWAYS need to use ‘who


1) I have two friends who are in the ‘Bloated Eye’ contest.

2) Who’d have thought they’d meet in the final?

But when you’re writing about ANIMALS or THINGS, you have got to use ‘which


1) We have two cats which like drinking tea. Which cat is yours?

2) They are showing three Bond films which he hadn’t seen.

Knowing they are incredibly useful little words, the big thing to learn is ‘who’ goes with people and ‘which’ goes with animals and things

As CGP joked, ‘Some people act like animals but they still need ‘who’ ;)

More examples from fellas responds:

1) @manalung#np the script – the man who can’t be moved ;)

2) @sembadra09: we have 4 fishes but the fish which Mita caught is too small to eat

‘That’ refers to things so it’s more related to ‘which’.not ‘who’. Informally you can, formally it might be wrong @prastutyluly @rerenew

More about question words can be seen herehttps://englishtips4u.com/2012/03/12/engclass-question-words/ … and herehttps://englishtips4u.com/2011/06/22/grammartrivia-wh-words/ … :)

So, it’s simple fellas, don’t forget to note them down :)

That’s it for today fellas! Have a great afternoon :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on, November 27 2012

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