#IOTW: Idioms related to plants

It is another #IOTW time! Now we will be talking about idioms related to plants.

  1. Come up roses. Meaning: If things come up roses, they produce a positive result, especially when things seemed to be going badly at first.

  2. Hit the hay. Meaning: going to bed.

  3. Primrose path. Meaning:  an easy and pleasurable lifestyle, but one that ends in unpleasantness and problems.

  4. No bed of roses. Meaning: something difficult.

  5. Shrinking violet. Meaning: a shy person who doesn’t express their views and opinions.

  6. Thorn in your side. Meaning: someone or something that causes trouble or makes life difficult for you.

  7. Turn a new leaf. Meaning: If someone turns a new leaf, they change their behavior and stop doing wrong or bad things.

  8. Watch grass grow. Meaning: If something is like watching grass grow, it is really boring.

  9. Old chestnut. Meaning:  something which has been repeated so many times that it has lost its impact.

  10. Nip it in the bud. Meaning: dealing with a problem when it is still small, before it can grow into something serious.

That’s all, fellas. Hope it could be useful for you! :D

Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.



2 thoughts on “#IOTW: Idioms related to plants”

  1. Fellas, could you give one example each? So that, readers could understand how to apply them while speaking/writing. Thank you

    1. For example:
      1. Those were difficult times but now everything’s coming up roses. (Dulu ada masa-masa sulit, tapi pada akhirnya hasilnya positif/baik.)
      2. I have to go home and hit the hay pretty soon.
      3. The primrose path starts in earnest in college, when you pore over the websites and request the glossy brochures. (Ketika awal masuk kuliah, kita melihat website dan brosurnya, terlihat menyenangkan tetapi akhirnya sulit menjalankannya)
      4. Living in foreign country is not a bed of roses.
      5. He’s a shrinking violet when it comes to competition. (Kalau dalam kompetisi, dia pemalu dan tidak banyak bicara)
      6. Leave your boyfriend. He’s just a thorn in your side. (Pacarnya hanya menyusahkan, membawa masalah)
      7. When he entered high school, he decided to turn a new leaf. (Ketika masuk SMA, dia memutuskan untuk merubah kelakuan buruknya.)
      8. Watching this historical movie is like watching grass grow. (Filmnya membosankan.)
      9. This song is an old chestnut, it has been played on the radio everyday. (Lagunya sudah sering diputar, ‘basi’.)
      10. I wanted to nip that little romance in the bud. (Ia ingin menyudahinya sebelum bertambah besar.)

      Those are the examples of each. Hope it could help you understand it better :D

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