#EngVocab: Football Terms

Hello fellas! So how’s your Sunday? Good or bad? Cause mine was great. I spent my day with my family. :D

Okay, fellas. Now I’m going to give some new vocabularies. I’m so excited with this topic. This topic is based on fellas’ request. :) So, today’s session will be #EngVocab with football theme. I will share some terms in football. Are you excited too, fellas?

  1. Home game: a game played in a team’s own stadium.
  2. Away game: a game played away from home or team’s stadium.
  3. Aggregate score: calculated by adding the two scores together when teams play two matches, one at home and one away.
  4. Assist:: a contribution by a player which helps to score a goal.
  5. Hat trick: 3 goals scored in a game by a single player.
  6. Offside: when a team’s player is beyond the last defender, the game is stopped and there is a free kick for the non-offending team.
  7. Equaliser: a goal which makes the scores even, for example going from 1-0 to 1-1.
  8. Far post: the post that is further away from the person taking a shot at a goal.
  9. Byline (by-line): the line at each end of the pitch (the shortest sides), including goal line.
  10. Sidelines: the out-of-bounds (the area outside the sidelines) line down each side of the playing field, also refers to the out-of-bounds area beyond the playing field where the coaches and substitutes watch the game.
  11. Hand ball: a foul where a player touches the ball with his hand or arm; the opposing team is awarded a direct free kick.
  12. 4-4-2: a formation that consists of 4 defenders , 4 midfielders and 2 forwards.
  13. Dive or diving: is an attempt by a player to gain an unfair advantage by diving to the ground and possibly feigning an injury  to appear as if a foul has been committed.
  14. Clean sheet: when a team does not concede a goal or allow a goal to go in (to keep a clean sheet).
  15. ‘Becks’: nickname for England football player David Beckham.
  16. Goalie: goalkeeper (the player positioned in front of the goal who tries to prevent shots from getting into the net behind him)
  17. Injury time:time added to the end of any period according to the referee’s judgment, of time lost due to player injuries or intentional stalling by a team.
  18. Kick off: a place kick in football that starts play at the beginning of a half or after a team has scored.
  19. Half-time: the break between the first and second half of a match.
  20. Hooligan: football supporters involved in violence.
  21. @wirawan_adi –> Brace : 2 goals scored in a game by a single player.
  22. Fixture: a match or a game. @FindRizki
  23. Sudden death: extra play added to determine the winner of a tied game, often with the victory awarded to the first to score. @ijoelitikum

Compiled and written by @fabfebby at @EnglishTips4U on September 30, 2012


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