#EngVocab: phrasal verbs “fall”

What is a phrasal verb? Well, you might need to read this post: Phrasal verb to refresh your memory.

Phrasal verb: gabungan verb dan preposition atau adverb yang jika digabungkan memiliki arti baru. Contoh: put off = menunda.

We’ve discussed phrasal verbs several times and you can read them on our site here: Search Results for: phrasal verb.

Tonight let’s enrich your #EngVocab with phrasal verbs with verb “fall”. Some you might already know, some might be new. Here they are!

  1. fall apart– memiliki 2 arti:
    1. mengalami tekanan emosional yang berat. “She fell apart after her husband’s death.”
    2. berhenti bekerja dengan benar/bergerak menuju arah yang positif. “The band fell apart after releasing their album.”
  2. fall behind: tidak memenuhi kewajiban dengan tepat waktu. “We’ve fallen behind on the shipment of these goods.”
  3. fall down: jatuh ke tanah atau lantai. “I fell down the stairs last night because they were too slippery.”
  4. fall for– memiliki 2 arti:
    1. cinta; tergila-gila. “She’s been falling for him since the first time she saw him.”
    2. mempercayai sebuah kebohongan; tertipu. “I can’t believe you fall for their lies!”
  5. fall in: runtuh, ambruk, tumbang. “The bridge fell in as the ship crashed one of its pillars.”
  6. fall off: mengalami penurunan; berkurang jumlahnya; turun berat badan. “Well, well, it looks like you’ve fallen off.”
  7. fall out– memiliki 2 arti:
    1. berdebat atau bertengkar dengan seseorang. “Don’t fall out over religions.”
    2. kehilangan rambut (rontok). “His hair began to fall out as he started his chemotherapy.”
  8. fall through: tidak terjadi seperti yang direncanakan; tidak sukses; gagal. “Our plans fell through at the last minute.”

Tips: since phrasal verbs begin with verbs, treat them like any other verbs. So you can use them with any tenses. Remember: adjust the form based on the tense. Example: “She fell apart…” = Simple Past Tense.

Compiled by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on October 1, 2012


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