#EngVocab: describing Indonesian dishes in English

Good evening, fellas! It’s almost 9 PM here. Have you had your dinner? If yes, what did you have? Was it Indonesian food? Share with us! :)

Do you know why I asked you about food you had for dinner? It’s because our topic tonight is #EngVocab related to food

In our #EngVocab session tonight, I’m gonna need your participation and creativity, fellas. This is what we’re going to do…

“Nasi bungkus”

Did you know that many words related to local culture sometimes can’t be translated into English? Take for example “nasi bungkus”.

Anybody knows what’s the English for “nasi bungkus”? We might not find the English term, but we can always describe what it is.

Tricky, huh? Many of you translated “nasi bungkus” into “wrapped rice”. Hehe.. Instead of translating it, can you describe it? :)

Nice one! –> “@anggaprasada: nasi bungkus is a food that you take home, usually covered with plastic or paper”

Admin’s version –> “nasi bungkus”: take-away food, usually of rice, vegetables, side dishes, wrapped in banana leaf or wax paper.

Other fellas’ versions:

@hwahyudi: perhaps can be described as Indonesian rice dish wrapped in banana leaf.

@DituWilsner: Nasi bungkus is a kind of a rice with meat and vegetables that wrapped using a banana leave of wrapping paper

Now your turn!

Now your turn! Your challenge is: describe (don’t translate) the following 10 Indonesian dishes. Best descriptions will be RTed!

Tips: when describing, you can start from the ingredients to how it is cooked (boiled, fried, steamed, etc) or prepared. Besides the ingredients and how it is prepared, you can also add information on how the food tastes. Also, you can add information about where the food is from.

1) Sayur asem

@qaasiska: sayur asem : clear soup, a bit sour and it has gnetum, sweet corn and other chopped vegetables inside it..

@biantoro_wisnu: vegetables with a sour taste, coupled with sliced ​​corn, squash, and beans

@seiseilala: It is vegetable soup which has sour and fresh taste

@hwahyudi: Clear vegetable tamarind-based soup with sweet and sour flavour, containing peanuts, long beans and corn.

@Jamie_Arimby: Sayur asem is one of Indonesia traditional cuisine prepared as a vegetable dish and it tastes quite sour & fresh.

@bhides: mix vegetables includes young corn, peanut, chickpea and melinjo with sour and spicy soup

2) Sambal

@hwahyudi: A traditional spicy condiment, made with chili, shallots, and other ingredients. Usually hot, but can be sweet or sour, too.

@shelinanova: condiment prepared with red pepper

@HanDeohMi: 2. Sambal: a kind of Indonesian traditional sauce which is made from chili, especially the red one

@nisha_nova: Chili sauce made from chilies,garlic,onion and salt

@Ms_Dhian: pulverized of chillies, garlics, onions, salt, shrimp paste, and some palm sugar.

@biantoro_wisnu: pulverized chile, salt, pepper, onion and shrimp paste and palm sugar

@belebelfer: Made from chilli. Perfect complement for food. Some even said eating wouldn’t be perfect w/o sambal

@Jamie_Arimby: Sambal is a condiment using chili peppers or sauce made with shrimp/prawn paste by crushing spices in a mortal. It’s hot.

@nindyak: 2) Sambal – sauce made from some chilies and tomatoes with seasoning, served with Indonesian dish

@anitrii: chilli paste

@helenadeaaa: Sambal is made from chilies which are mashed by using machine or traditional tool.

@afif_alhad: SAMBAL is spicy sauce made from chili, onions, red onions, tomato, & shrimp paste (chop & grind them) then add salt and sugar

@nessamoyy: sambal it’s a main sauce in Indonesia. It’s a side dishes for rice, fish, etc. It’s made from chili, tomato & shrimp paste.

3) Bakwan/bala-bala/ote-ote/weci

@wendysoesiswo: Bakwan → street fried food in Indonesia from flour containing cabbages,carrots,corns,etc. Eat it with fresh chili!

@k0nnyaku: Veggie fritters

@biantoro_wisnu: usually beansprouts, shredded cabbages and carrots, battered and deep fried in cooking oil

@pryankawikrami: bakwan is the urban food. It made from vegetable which is carrot and many more and mix with flour

@anitrii: vegetable fritters

@bellasoniaaa: bala-bala is Sundanese food that made from wheat flour, carrot, cabbage, etc. That’s my favourite food :9

@hwahyudi: A deep fried vegetable fritter made of flour, beansprouts, shredded cabbages and carrots.

4) Pecel

@mithasbu: Steamed vegetables with spicy peanut sauce – Indonesian salad

@riaetika: Pecel. Boiled vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, etc with peanut sauce.

@biantoro_wisnu: cooked vegetables and peanut sauce The vegetables are usually kangkung or water spinach, long beans, cassava leaves

@hrenzy: steamed veggies with sambal kacang on top, or you can call it Javanese salad with sambal kacang as the dressing.

@renggasanti: stewed vegetables with peanut sauce. it is hot and tasty. healthy food.

@meitantei_bagus: mixed vegetables with peanut sauce.. so delicious

@qaasiska: mixed boiled vegetables ( such as spinach, papaya leaf, long bean, bean sprouts and kale) dressing with spicy peanut sauce..

@neynarahma: 4) complete combination of rice, vegetables & spicy peanut sauce, originally from Madiun.

@hwahyudi : A Javanese salad of boiled spinach, bean-sprouts, and long beans comes with spicy peanut sauce and shrimp crackers.

@lia3x: steamed vegetables, with sauce mixed from nuts, palm sugar and tamarind water.

@helenadeaaa: Pecel is a mixed-vegetables such as copped-long beans, spinach, etc with peanut sauce and soy sauce.

@Jamie_Arimby: Pecel is salad made of blanched vegetables served with peanut sauce.

5) Rendang

@NindMS: rendang is spicy meat as the main dish with coconut milk as important ingredients, boiled until dry, usually served with rice

@alvth: Meat that cook with many seasoning,cooked about 2-3 hours

@podses: Minang’s beef curry

@biantoro_wisnu: Rendang is a spicy meat dish

@meitantei_bagus: meat with spicy seasoning, but some spicy, some not

@MyristicaFrieda: meat with spicy coconut milk

@achi_narahashi: meat with sauce so spicy, typical food from Padang.

@ellalukita: meat simmered in spices and coconut milk

@ci_lin: Hot spicy beef that’s cooked with coconut milk, comes from west Sumatra.

@hwahyudi: A slowly cooked technique in coconut milk & spices, usually refer to the dish itself. Rendang beef is the famous one.

@helenadeaaa: Rendang tastes spicy, it’s made from beef, cooked with chili sauce, suntan and many other spices.

@Sawrii: A slow cooked shimmering beef in thick coconut spices

@siska255: 5 Rendang – traditional dishes from Padang, made from meat and coconut milk and rich of spices. it has spicy taste

6) Kolak

@Jamie_Arimby: Kolak is sweet compote made of starchy fruits (cassava/yam,banana,etc) stewed in coconut milk and sugar.

@renggasanti: boiled. it is sweet. we use banana or cassava + palm sugar + coconut milk to make it.

@nisha_nova: Appetizer,mostly you’ll find it as a takjil in Ramadan,java sugar+milk coconut+bananas

@IDiraaa: Braised Banana with Palm Sugar and Coconut gravy

@meitantei_bagus: dessert made with palm sugar and coconut milk, some mixed with banana, pumpkin, or cassava

@anggaprasada: kolak is made from bananas, it mixed with sugar, coconut milk & pandanus leaf & usually found in fasting month

@ikkasoy: kolak is coconut milk soup filled with banana and sweet cassava

@LV_Ayuningtyas: Kolak: cocktail of bananas, sweet potatoes, kolang-kaling(?) cooked w/ cinnamon & cloves

@helenadeaaa: Kolak is a sweet tasted food made from copped-banana, cooked with suntan and palm sugar.

@hwahyudi: a favourite dish in Ramadhan, made with palm sugar, coconut milk, and banana. Can be served cold and hot.

@cyn0514: A refreshment made fr banana or sweet potato boiled in coconut milk &jvnse palm sugar. Served hot or w/ ice

@NindMS: boiled snack/dessert which made of banana/sweet potato/pumpkin/etc, pandan leaf&coconut milk, better served with ketan rice:9

@fitrialarasati: Indonesian traditional cuisine made of banana,palm sugar, and coconut milk. Usually served as a dessert.

7) Gudeg

@nessamoyy: gudeg yogya. It’s made from young jack fruit which is cooked w/ palm sugar and it’s serve w/ sweet egg, tofu&tempe, chicken.

@biantoro_wisnu: gudeg is made from young Nangka (jack fruit) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk

@renggasanti: stewed young jackfruit with palm sugar + jati leaf. so sweet.

@meitantei_bagus: young jack fruit which boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk.. so sweet

@Nouvanmaulana: It’s young braised jack fruit in sweet sauce, Yogyakarta’s signature dish

@rizalbudi_ : traditional food from Jogja which has sweet taste and made from tewel(young jackfruit)

@FairuzAlief: Gudeg : unique food from Jogja! Contain krecek, tempeh, tofu, chicken, and egg. It tastes sweet, ketchup-like imo.

@hwahyudi: slowly sweet-flavoured stew jack fruit served with steam rice, chicken, egg, and crisp beef skin.

@SRMaulidyaa: gudeg: jogja’s traditional food. It tastes sweet.made from young jackfruit cooked together w/ coconut milk+spices+palm sugar

8) Pepes

@Nouvanmaulana: It could be fish, bean curd, or chicken stuffed into banana leaf, steamed well and served hot

@biantoro_wisnu: The banana-leaf package containing food is secured with lidi seumat cooked on steam

@podses: Steamed tofu/fish spice

@deviklein: 8. It’s meal wrapping on banana leaf and then steam it, it can be chicken, fish, tahu or even mushrooms

@anitrii: dishes wrapped in banana leaves

@renggasanti: stewed fish/mushroom with scraped coconut + pete cina (?), hot and tasty. wrapped in banana leaf.

@nindyak: 8) Pepes – fish fillets that marinated with traditional seasoning, covered with banana leaves then steamed for some hours

@meitantei_bagus: 8) some cooking method using banana leaf as food wrappings, cooked on steam, in boiled or grilled on charcoal

@Jamie_Arimby: Pepes is meat or fish wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted. It’s usually added w/ traditional flavours like saffron&coconut.

@takyuspar: pepes, it made from tofu or fish. it is wrapped by banana leaf then you steam it. you have to serve with rice.

@qaasiska: steamed food, wrapped with banana leaf, usually made from fish and chicken. has rich taste cz its cooked with various herbs..

@juanjocarmel: Steamed dish such as: fish, mashed tofu, mushrooms wrapped in banana leaf

9) Ikan rica

@biantoro_wisnu: tuna fish cooked in spicy red and green chilli peppers = ikan rica

@FairuzAlief: Ikan Rica : Manado’s food, grilled fish with chili sauce topping, absorbed inside. It tastes hot and freakin’ delicious :D

@meitantei_bagus: fish was cooked with spices such as nutmeg, ginger, chillies from Sulawesi as the main seasoning

@steflorentine: Ikan Rica (Spicy Fish) is a dish from Manado, north Celebes which have spicy taste basically you can made by anykind of fish and added some ingredients such as salt and Lemon to make it fresh.

@fabfebby: fried fish with chili sauce –> ikan rica

@destinnpoh: Tongkol fish w/ chili and other spices

@hwahyudi: a fish cooked w/ traditional Manadonese sambal (spicy condiment) consists of a mix of shallots, ginger, chilies & lemon grass

@timothydaely: Ikan Rica is a Manadonese dish. Either grilled/fried, served with coarse chili sauce. Rica actually means chili.

10) Tape

@faradida: 10) Tape is fermented cassava. It is made from cassava and yeast. Its taste is sweet and little sour.

@ParamithaWirya: boiled and fermentated cassava (kalo tape ubi), it tastes sweet.

@dhikachu13: TAPE = sweet cake made of slightly fermented rice or tubers

@hrenzy: fermented cassava.

@achi_narahashi: tape is fermented cassava. have sweet and sour taste

@meitantei_bagus: 10) traditional food which is produced from the fermentation process starchy food, such as cassava / sticky rice

@hwahyudi: a fermented cassava with sweet taste and often has subtle alcohol flavour.

@nakamuralia: tape is a fermented dish, usually made from cassava or glutinous rice, it tastes sour and eaten as snack

Other dish from fellas:

@sonikaro: Semur Jengkol «« slightly sweet, the main ingredient of Jengkol, its scent is terrific, basic seasoning spice, it’s savory :)

Great job, everyone! Thanks for participating and sorry I can’t RT all your tweets. More Indonesian dishes coming up in next #EngVocab! :)

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