#WOTD: Typo

Any of you have ever heard or seen the word ‘typo’ used in a conversation?

When a word is misspelled (by typing mistake), we usually say it’s a ‘typo.’ But if the word is misspelled because the person really doesn’t know the right word, it is called ‘spelling error’, not ‘typo.’ As a conclusion, ‘typo’ is a mistake in spelling, or probably typing the wrong word, because of typing mistake. If the grammar is wrong, it is called ‘grammatical error.’

‘Typo’ can usually be seen when the wrong letter is located near the correct letter in a keyboard. For example, ‘Shw’ instead of ‘She.’ E and W are located next to each other in qwerty keyboards. Or ‘Poeple’ instead of ‘People,’ the O might be typed too fast before the E is typed.

The word ‘typo’ is a short term of ‘Typographical Error.’ Historically, typographical error or typo is referred to mistakes in manual type-setting.

In instant messaging, users often send messages in haste and only afterwards notice the typo. The typo is usually corrected by sending a subsequent message where an asterisk precedes or follows the correct word.

There’s also ‘thumbo,’ a typographical error made during thumb typing, especially on the keypads of cellphones and smartphones. The word ‘thumbo’ is a portmanteau of ‘thumb’ and ‘typo”. It usually happens on cellphone users, because they only type with their thumbs.

That’s all for now, fellas. Hope the article could be useful for you!

Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4u on Thursday, August 23, 2012

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3 thoughts on “#WOTD: Typo”

  1. Admin, Thank you for this useful blog !
    I’ve learn more from this blog, would you to create a post about synonym and antonym of english words? because I still confused when I had to direct speaking english which one word that I should take, for instance I wanna say ‘Jadwal ditunda’ which word I shoul take? Delay? or Postponesd? I’m so glad if you could answer my comment and make me clear with your next post, and sorry for my worst english :’)
    Thank you

    1. Dear Ridha;

      We’re happy to know that you find our blog useful :)

      If you check your dictionary, to delay (verb) and to postpone (verb) both have similar meaning, “menunda”. Thus delayed and postponed are both “tertunda” (passive verb).

      But in essence, there is something that somehow differentiate the two.
      Delayed – biasa digunakan bila menyatakan suatu kejadian/jadwal tertunda.
      Postponed – biasa digunakan bila menyatakan adanya perubahan jadwal (ke waktu yang lain).

      For example:
      My plane is delayed. I’m afraid I have to postpone our meeting to tomorrow evening.

      We DO NOT say:
      My plane is postponed. I’m afraid I have to delay our meeting to tomorrow evening.

      I hope that clarified your confusion :)

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