#EngQuiz: Guess the similar meaning of the new vocabularies

Today admin will give some new #EngVocab for fellas, but I make it in #EngQuiz. I need you to guess the similar meaning from the word that I put in the brackets.


Q1. Nothing could ever (abash) him.

[a] please

[b] delight

[c] embarrass

[d] infuriate

Q2. A rich kid was (abducted) yesterday.

[a] rescued

[b] kidnapped

[c] killed

[d] betrayed

Q3. (Blizzard) is expected this winter.

[a] hail

[b] snowstorm

[c] tornado

[d] frost

Q4. To avoid making social (blunders), you have to be familiar with norms.

[a] boors

[b] bums

[c] bulwarks

[d] errors

Q5. The difficult allegro passages displayed her (consummate) skill.

[a] perfected

[b] uncouth

[c] callow

[d] green

Q6. Enthusiasm is often (contagious).

[a] repelling

[b] infectious

[c] poisonous

[d] tainted

Q7. We had to make a (detour) because the main road was closed.

[a] shortcut

[b] roundabout way

[c] straight

[d] turn

Q8. A (devastating) war has impoverished Vietnam.

[a] developing

[b] ravaging

[c] detractive

[d] desultory


A1. embarrass

A2. kidnapped

A3. snowstorm

A4. errors

A5. perfected

A6. infectious

A7. roundabout way

A8. ravaging

Compiled and written by @fabfebby at @EnglishTips4U on August 17, 2012

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