#EngQuiz: Word Choices (7)

1. What year did you (graduate/graduate from/graduating/graduating from) university?

2. It seems to be getting worse. You had better (consult/consult to/consult for/consult by) a specialist.

3. Jakarta is a large city, (aren’t it/doesn’t it/won’t it/isn’t it)?

4. Don’t leave your books near the open fire. They might easily (catch to fire/catch the fire/catch on fire/catch with fire).

5. Do you enjoy (to swim/swimming/swim/to swimming)?

6. I have trouble (to remember my password/to remembering my password/remember my password/remembering my password).

7. Do you have (many work/much work/many works/much works) to do today? We could have a long lunch if not.

8. My brother will (provide us up/provide us in/put us up/put us in) for a few nights.

9. When will the meeting (hold on/hold place/take on/take place)?

10. The board meeting was held (at Tuesday/on Tuesday/with Tuesday/in Tuesday).


1. Graduate from – @septich
2. Consult – @galihaichii
3. Isn’t it? – @ninnayussi
4. Catch on fire – @syifaaautami
5. Swimming – @zen_ashariEV
6. Remembering my password – @senorjoey
7. Much work – @IkaDwinanto
8. Put us up – @kenzhoanandiya
9. Take place – @moheanwar
10. On Tuesday – @apriyannto

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on July 22, 2012

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