#EngQuiz: Guess the Chat Abbreviation!

Evening fellas!! How’s your Friday going? All good? Ready for the #EngQuiz?

So the #EngQuiz is: guess the abbreviation! Abbreviation atau singkatan yang dimaksud adalah suatu ungkapan yang biasanya kita pakai saat kita chatting/sms seseorang bahkan kadang mengungkapkannya :) Jadi, admin akan mendeskripsikan situasinya dan fellas akan menebak apa abbreviation-nya :) Gimana?

Note: Admin will RT the right answers! If too long to RT, RT the question number along with your answer!



Q1. You need this person to do a report quick and to be handed quick as well, you would say, “Please hand it in _ _ _ _!”

Q2. Katy was shocked that her sister said she just got engaged to her long term boyfriend. Katy stated, “_ _ _ , CONGRATULATIONS!”

Q3. I’m chatting with a friend who lives in Sumatra, she said _ _ _ as she got to the rest room for a while.

Q4. “Girl, where have you been? I’m sorry I can’t talk to you right now, _ _ _ _ .”

Q5. “Oh no, I’m not sure if this report is any good now, _ _ _ _ _ !”

Q6. _ _ _ what happened, my mom said I had to go home now, dude.

Q7. “I feel like _ _ _ _ listening to his jokes that night! It’s so funny!”

Q8. “Niall, did you _ _ _ me your office address through Facebook, yet?”

Q9. (Continuation of Q8) “So, I can send the package tomorrow. _ _ _ .” Hint: You say it after you have asked or given something

Q10. “_ _ _ , I think you should think over about this design as it is not synchronizing with the space there is.”

Q11. ” _ _ _ , you can now chat through any phone that supports internet mobile connection.”

Q12. “Have a safe journey dear, will always miss you, _ _ _ ! Take care!”

That’s it fellas, admin will RT some answers soon! Keep ’em coming!! BRB!



Okay fellas, here comes the answers!!! Be prepared!!

A1. @gracefra: ASAP. As soon as possible.

A2. @chwen_fang: OMG.. Oh My God..

A3. @patcrss: BRB, be right back.

A4. @MongieMong: TTYL (talk to you later)

A5. @ophieluvcat: CMIIW (correct me if I’m wrong

A6. @taridauri: idk = I don’t know

A7. @virvirly: ROFL (Rolling On the Floor, Laughing)

A8. @RANGGAMANIAX: msg (message)

A9. @patcrss: thx, thanks. / @lita_no: TKS: Thank’s (This could be the answer too, but THX is more popular)

A10. @doninob: IMO (In My Opinion)

A11. @bobskeyy: fyi (for your information)

A12. @bbnitaa: ILU/ILY (I Love You)

There you go fellas! You’ve all done really well! Thank you so much for participating our #EngQuiz!


Fellas ada yang tahu? RT @sitaaMasita: kalau DIY singkatan dr apa kak min?

Ayo, apa ini? @humairah1111: how about “TBH” ? what is that mean?

@disadini: DIY=Do It Yourself @sitaaMasita

@semsseem TBH = to be honest @humairah1111

Thank you fellas for helping out :) I hope this evening’s #EngQuiz session has been useful for all of you :)


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on July 20, 2012


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