#EngClass: Clipping

Clipping is the word formation process that reduces the part of a word either in the end or the beginning or less often both, but still has the same meaning and same word class.

There are 3 types of Clippings:  Back Clipping, Fore Clipping and Middle Clipping.

Back Clipping (apocopation): clipping form which we eliminate the syllable in the end of word and use the syllable in the beginning of it. For example: ad (ad-vertisement) or exam (exam-ination).

Fore Clipping (aphaeresis): clipping form which we eliminate the syllable in beginning of word and use the syllable in the end part of word. For example: Phone (tele-phone) or Burger (ham-burger)

Middle Clipping (syncope): clipping form which we eliminate the end and first syllable and use the middle syllable of the word. For example: flue (in-flue-nza)

Now, admin will give some examples of clipping and the types of it. Enjoy!

1. Chemist: Alchemist – Fore clipping.  Alchemist: a person who tries to find a way to change ordinary metals into gold and to find a medicine which would cure any disease.

2. Gator: Alligator- Fore clipping. Alligator: a large reptile with a hard skin that lives in and near rivers and lakes in the hot.

3. Auto: Automobile- Back clipping. Automobile: a car.

4. Dorm: Dormitory- Back clipping. Dorm: a large room containing many beds, especially in a boarding school or university.

5. Jams: Pajamas- Middle clipping. Pajamas: soft loose clothing which is worn in bed and consists of trousers and a type of shirt.

6. Fan: Fanatic- Back clipping. Fanatic: a person whose strong admiration for something is considered to be extreme or unreasonable.

7. Fridge: Refrigerator- Middle clipping. Fridge: a piece of kitchen equipment which uses electricity to preserve food at a cold temperature.

8. Chute: Parachute- Fore clipping. Parachute: a piece of equipment made of a large piece of special cloth which is fastened to someone or something that is dropped from an aircraft.

9. Memo: Memorandum-Back clipping. Memorandum: a short written report prepared specially for a person or group of people which contains information about a particular matter.

10. Pike: Turnpike- Fore clipping. Turnpike: a motorway which you usually have to pay to use.

11. Coon: Raccoon- Fore clipping. Raccoon: a small North American animal with black marks on its face and a long tail with black rings on it.

12. Plane: Airplane- Fore clipping. Airplane: a vehicle designed for air travel, which has wings and one or more engines.

13. Lab: Laboratory- Back clipping. Laboratory: a room or building with scientific equipment for doing scientific tests or for teaching science, or a place where chemicals or medicines are produced.

14. Varsity: University- Fore clipping. University: a college or collection of colleges at which people study for a degree.

15. Gas: Gasoline- Back clipping. Gasoline: a substance which is used to provide heat or power, usually by being burned.
That’s a wrap, fellas! Hope it will be useful for you. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Knowledge means nothing if you don’t share it!

Compiled by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on July 18, 2012

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