#EngVocab: Characters Personality

Evening fellas, how have you been? Had your dinner yet? Ready for something fun? Admin got a little ‪#EngVocab challenge for you :)

So, here’s the rule, admin will state a CHARACTER in a movie/cartoon/comic/story book then fellas have to RT it with a CHARACTERISTIC/PERSONALITY it has including its bahasa Indonesia meaning.

Fastest, most accurate and interesting ones will get an RT from admin :) For example: Harry Potter => Brave = Berani

Get it? Are you ready? Shall we start? Here it comes!

A bit of error, remember to RT the answer AND its B. Indo meaning


Q1. Voldemort

Q2. Tony Stark

Q3. Mickey Mouse

Q4. Totoro

Q5. Tweety

Q6. Elmo

Q7. L



@octaMaharani: Greedy => serakah

@diantyEI: Cruel = kejam

@PipitAhoy: Evil = jahat

@jasminefirst: Wicked=Jahat

@j__nny: sly licik


@primarhmdn: Hilarious (Lucu)

@putriaiu: Stubborn (keras kepala)

@edwinexercise: conceited => Sombong

@puteriwidya: Rich = Kaya

@diantyEI: Strong = kuat

@andez91: Braggart = suka pamer

@puteriwidya: Philanthropist = Dermawan.

@_kimcha_: charming (menawan)

@erickhariansyah: arrogant = sombong


@iimedieval: friendly = bersahabat

@hannathrs: Funny = lucu.

@diantyEI: Kind = baik

@Akaespe: Cute = Lucu

@j__nny: chubby, ngegemesin


@27Aulia: Funny = Lucu :3

@putriaiu: Quiet yet kind-hearted (pendiam tp baik hati)


@ashimiie: Fussy=cerewet

@putriaiu: Talkative (cerewet)

@anisabalines: Cute = imut

@PipitAhoy: Sometimes MEANIE = jahil  

@kingbie: tweet = mencicit / berkicau :D


@aryCChristine: Adorable = menarik/menggemaskan

@PipitAhoy: Innocent = lugu

@angelaamoy: Cute = Lucu

@ashimiie: Curious=ingin tahu


@27Aulia: Enigmatic = Penuh teka-teki

@naufALDIZ: Cool = dingin

@_kimcha_: cool, mysterious, genius, sweet lover (keren, misterius, jenius, pecinta makanan manis)

@sleeping2forest: genius = jenius

There you go fellas! I hope you had fun on answering our ‪#EngVocab game this evening :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on July 10, 2012

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