#EngTips and #EngQuiz: Writing (2) – Sentences

Tonight admin will pick up another theme from the CGP GCSE English: Grammar book :)

So tell me, what do you think of sentences? Are they hard or easy for you? Are they easy to write or not? Do you ever feel so nervous or just freely in writing or even speaking a sentence to anyone?

Well don’t worry, tonight admin will give you more ‪#EngTips on Writing but this time focuses on sentence :)

CGP stated “Writing sentences isn’t as tricky as you’d think. A sentence is just a group of words that make sense on its own.” ‪ So “Everything you write must be in proper sentences. If it isn’t in sentences, it won’t be clear.”

“If you can’t understand what it’s supposed to mean, it isn’t a proper sentence.”

Jadi intinya, sentence, yang artinya kalimat dalam bahasa Indonesia, merupakan sekumpulan kata yang masuk akal, sama seperti di bahasa Indonesia. Kalimat yang ditulis harus tepat dan jika tidak dimengerti apa makna kalimat tersebut/tidak masuk akal maka kalimat tersebut tidaklah ditulis dengan tepat atau benar. 


  • “Early! Bad more bed.”
    • (Ini merupakan kalimat yang tidak ditulis dengan benar karena tidak masuk akal serta tidak jelas.)
  • “There are two funny bits in the story.”
    • (Kita bisa lihat disini apa maksudnya walaupun kita tidak tahu apa yang lucu (funny). Contoh kalimat kedua ini merupakan tatanan kalimat yang benar karena masuk akal, jelas dan ditulis dengan benar.)
  • “I’m gone London, so they can.”
    • (Ini tidak bisa dimengerti dan tidak bisa dicerna maksudnya. Jadi, ini bukan kalimat yang benar.)

So, each sentences needs to be making a clear pointLucunya, kalimat selalu dipakai. Jadi, kita tidak pernah memikirkannya, tetapi di saat kita menulisnya (writing), ada saja kesalahan.

Jadi kesimpulan sementara adalah A sentence has to make sense on its own, and it has to make a clear point, too.”

There are two big rules fellas have to remember in every single time while writing a sentence. Okay, they might sound silly but it is the most important thing in writing a sentence.

  1. Sentences start with a capital letter.

  2. Sentences end with a full stop.

Jangan sampai ini menjadi kesalahan terburuk saat tes Writing GCSE (mungkin tes Writing English lainnya juga) karena jika menjadi kesalahan fellas, kedua hal ini bisa mengurangi penilaian dan kehilangan poin-poin nilai. So, every sentences must start with a capital letter and full stops end sentences.


  • The dog ran into the wall.
  • It staggered away looking dizzy.

The last one to share tonight is: sentences and verbs.

Penting dan susah bagian ini karena etiap sentence harus memiliki kata ‘being’ atau ‘doing’.

“[Being = sedang; Doing = melakukan RT @camme_tuktuk: apa itu being dan doing???]”

‘Doing’ dan ‘being’ ini merupakan verbs-nya, jadi, in a sentence you need a verb.


  • “They bought a mad dog.”
    • (“bought” disini menjadi aksinya dan kata ‘doing’-nya)
  • “Jan was the world’s first snail-tamer.”
    • (“was” merupakan kata ‘being’ di kalimat ini.)

Jangan lupa,  the verb has to be in the right form.

Ayo, menurut fellas ini benar tidak -> “Jill like mouse sandwiches.” Admin tunggu jawaban fellas :)

“Nope. Since Jill is singular, it should have been “Jill likes mouse sandwiches” – @capucinnolovr

You are all right fellas, it is not right, it’s suppose to be “Jill likes mouse sandwiches.” Jadi, never write a sentence without a verb.

Okay fellas, admin mau beri kalian practice berhubungan dengan sentence and verb. In these sentences, put its verbs into the right form. Admin will RT the fastest right answers :D Ready? Go!


  1. Andy eat fish and chips every day.

  2. My friends likes going clubbing.

  3. I would likes to get to know you better.

  4. Susanna always want to go shopping.

  5. Harry kick every cat he see.

Go answer them fellas! Let’s see if you can spot the mistakes.


1. “Andy eats fish and chips everyday.”- @OhItsVynn

2. “My friends like to go clubbing.” – @MongieMong

3. “I would like to get to know you better.” – @pikwangchuu

4. “Susanna always wants to go shopping.” – @pikwangchuu

5. “Harry kicks every cat he sees.” – @novifairuz92

That’s it fellas! You’ve all done great! But remember, starts with capital letter-ends full stop, some of you missed that one. ;)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, July 17, 2012.



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