#EngClass: Conditional Clause Summary

Howdy fellas! Did you follow our other articles on Conditional sentences? Have a look at these 3 links. You’ll need them to understand this article.

Link 1: #EngClass: Conditional 1
Link 2: #EngClass: Conditional 2
Link 3: #EngClass: Conditional 3

Now fellas! We’ve discussed all 3 conditionals. Hayo! Siapa yang masih bingung kapan kita pake conditional yang mana? Fear not fellas! @EnglishTips4u comes to the rescue. This time, admin will summarize all 3 conditionals. Hang on tight!

OOT & curcol dikit. Waktu admin pertama belajar conditional, kepala puyeng bukan main. Diagram ini yang bantu admin ngerti.


Conditional ada 3 tipe:

  1. (future – possible),
  2. (present – unreal),
  3. (past – unreal).

Conditional 1 (Future – possible)

Conditional 1 pernah kita bahas di sini: #EngClass: Conditional 1
Coba perhatikan diagram berikut.

Conditional 1

Conditional 1 menyatakan:

“Andai (sekarang) aku… Aku akan…”

Ada yang sudah buka link di atas? Bagaimana cara membuat kalimat conditional 1?

“main clause in Future Tense –> if clause in present tense” – @fitridiot

“kalimat conditional 1 : if + present tense + future tense bukan?” – @nani_a2

Dari diagram, pernyataan & rumus kalimat, jelas sekali kita pakai Conditional Clause Type 1 saat kita berandai/menyatakan:

Kalau sekarang begini, nanti akan jadi begitu.

Coba ubah kalimat berikut ke Bahasa Inggris:

“Kalau (sekarang) aku beli ini, aku gak akan punya cukup uang untuk nonton film di bioskop.‪”

“If I buy this, I won’t have enough money to watch a movie at cinema.” – @VFaradhika

Remember fellas!

Conditional 1: Main clause in Future Tense + IF clause in Present Tense. It’s all here.

Moving on!

Conditional 2 (Present – unreal)

Conditional 2 pernah kita bahas di sini: #EngClass: Conditional 2
Coba perhatikan diagram berikut.

Conditional 2

Conditional 2 menyatakan:

Andai (sebelumnya) aku… Sekarang ini, aku seharusnya/bisa saja/mungkin akan/mungkin bisa…”

Ada yang sudah buka link di atas? Bagaimana cara membuat kalimat conditional 2?

“Conditional 2 : if + past tense, past future tense. right min?” – @nani_a2

“main clause w/ Would should might could+V1, if+V2 (past tense)” – @fitridiot

Fellas contributions:

“If I were you, I would study hard.” – @cipputt
“If I were in UK, I would go to Old Trafford.” – @endahism
“I would tell the truth about the condition if he gave me back my silly cat.” – @ontinuruljannah
“If I had enough money, I would buy that new shirt.” – @IndraKrwan
“If I were you, I would buy car.” – @deansari

Wanna know more about Conditional Type 2? Click this.


Conditional 3 (Past – unreal)

Conditional 3 pernah kita bahas di sini: #EngClass: Conditional 3
Coba perhatikan diagram berikut.

Conditional 3

Conditional 3 menyatakan:

Andai (dulu) aku… Sebelum ini, aku pasti sudah/ bisa saja/ seharusnya sudah/ mungkin sudah…

Ada yang sudah buka link #EngClass: Conditional 3? Bagaimana cara membuat kalimat conditional 3?

Main clause with Would/Should/Could/Might + have + V3 + IF clause in Past Perfect Tense

Fellas contributions:

“If I had followed your TL earlier, I might have answered your question sooner.” – @dian_r_h
“I would have been angry to him if he had delivered my secret letter.” – @ryanmike13
“If you had come to the party last night, you would’ve met my boy.” – @sofyanlich
“If I had trained more, I might have been able to make it to the team.” – @masyoza
“If I had known you from the start, I might have accepted you to be my boyfriend.” – @ZarahChance
“If I had been a celebrity, I would have done a tour in Europe.” – @ZarahChance
“If I had learned the truth, I might have accepted that you’ve gone for long time.” – @hannathrs
“If I had followed @EnglishTips4U earlier, my english would have been better.” – @apriyannto
“If I had been ugly, I would have committed suicide.” – @Arnaka13

Have a look at this link for discussion and exercise on Conditional Clause 3.


There was also one question from a fella

“subject if clause dan subject main clause have to be the same atau engga min? :D” – @anafrich


Not necessarily the same :) but do mind the tense of each clause :D
That’s a wrap fellas! I hope the article & diagrams help you understand the conditional clauses better.

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, July 15, 2012

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