#EngTips: #TOEFL Test

Well since admin just did her #toefl test, do you want to hear some tips that might be useful?

Most of you chose #toefl tips so I’m going to share some tips with you all :)

1. Firstly, to do a #toefl test, ada baiknya mengenal grammar sebaik-baiknya

2. #toefl listening is actually not that hard if you listen really carefully, questions are always based on the conversation happening

2. The Listening I had today have three parts of listening: short conversation, longer conversation, from a lecture

2. Hmm good tip :) RT @wahyu910: @EnglishTips4U 2nd speaker adlh kunci, ha

2. RT @devit__: When working on listening test, avoid similar sound words which are spoken by the speaker to answer the question

2. The short and long conversation consists of two people talking, while the lecture has one person talking

2. For listening, #toefl is American, so it is on their accent, so make sure you get a bit used to it before the test

2. Fellas can do that by watching or listening to conversations/movies with American accent, e.g. most Hollywood movies :)

3. A definitely yes unfortunately RT @t4m_t4m: Reading n structure are the hardest one

3. For structure and written expression, this is the real test if you’re any good with English grammar if I may say :S

3. For the part you have to choose the mistaken one, some of it you have to recognise comes from the smallest things

3. Such as an error of a tense they’re using or a word is missing, so don’t think far about it and look carefully

4. Reading is a tricky bit but there might be a lot of tricks to solve it

4. For Reading, it seems better to read the questions first then find the answer on the passage

4. Why? By that you won’t waste time, but I recommend you to skim the passage as well

4. Weird huh? The first question is always about what’s the passage about, and most of the time you can find it on the 1st paragraph

4. If not sure, you can see the last paragraph to summary what you think the passage is about, to re-check later, skim it again

4. Mostly reading’s questions consists of finding the closest meaning to a word located on a certain line of the passage

4. That’s why I don’t recommend fellas to read the whole thing fully before you get confused ;)

I usually use a practise book, ada yang tahu? RT @vit99Lorenzo: btw min tau link untuk belajar toefl secara online g??

:) RT @aninditaindi: if I may suggest, you can learn from Deborah Phillips’ book.. It’s easy to understand and quite useful to read ☺

RT @KasumaYuda: http://goo.gl/mpMDx  but I recommend u to use book/toefl s/w @EnglishTips4U @vit99Lorenzo

@Mattdan_g @Christeffanie @EnglishTips4U sedikit bantu. IELTS mirip TOEFL (2 hari), namun ada conversation test dengan penguji. Penting u/ Univ d UK


TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication

IELTS – International English Language Testing System;

ELPT – English Language Proficiency Test

If you’re confused which English test to take (if you’re not recommended) it’s always good to search it about it first #toefl

Like this one discussing about #toefl, toeic n ielts -> http://bit.ly/MxNCBC 

IELTS RT @yerrefever: as far as I know. it’s used for who wants to study in Aussy or England. #toefl

From admin @me_firdauz, English Language Proficiency Test is like a #toefl for work (dunia kerja) e.g. Eng test in Kementerian Luar Negeri

Okay fellas, that’s all I can share for now, and of course it will go up on our blog as soon as possible :)

For all we know, an English test or any other foreign language test is always a burden or ‘burden’ to us

But it’s not wrong to exist either,it’s somehow shows how far is your capability on the language & in developing as your 2nd language

But here’s a thought, out of the English blues,do you reckon Bahasa Indonesia will have it’s own Tes Bhs Indonesia Sbgai Bahasa Asing?

I hope today’s #toefl tips been useful for you fellas and see you tomorrow :) Keep updated on/subscribe our blog too! G’nite!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on June 26, 2012

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