#EngClass: quoted speech (direct speech)

“Quoted speech” juga disebut dengan “direct speech”. Jadi keduanya sama. Dalam Bahasa Indonesia “quoted speech” disebut “kalimat langsung”.

Dalam quoted speech, kita menggunakan quotation marks (tanda kutip). Berikut beberapa cara/aturan dalam menggunakan quoted speech.

Admin akan jelaskan dengan contoh (dalam tanda kurung):

1) [He said, “My mother is a doctor.”]

  • a) Gunakan koma setelah “He said”.
  • b) Gunakan huruf kapital untuk kata pertama dalam kutipan.
  • c) Di akhir kalimat kutipan, letakkan tanda kutip di luar tanda titik.

2) [“My mother is a doctor,” he said.]

  • Gunakan koma, bukan titik, di akhir kalimat kutipan jika “He said” diletakkan di belakang.

3) [“My mother,” he said, “is a doctor.”]

  • a) Jika kalimat kutipan dipisah, gunakan koma setelah bagian pertama dari kalimat kutipan.
  • b) Jangan gunakan huruf kapital pada kata pertama dari bagian ke dua kalimat kutipan, seperti pada contoh “is a doctor.”

4) [“My mother is a doctor. She is also a housewife,” he said.]

  • a) Tanda kutip diletakkan di awal dan akhir seluruh kalimat kutipan.
  • b) Perhatikan: tidak ada tanda kutip setelah kata “doctor” (di akhir kalimat pertama).

5) Cara mengutip pertanyaan: [She asked, “Is your mother a doctor?”]

  • Tanda tanya terletak di dlm tanda kutip.

6) [“Is your mother a doctor?” she asked.]

  • Jika kalimat kutipan di depan, tanda koma tidak digunakan sebelum “she asked”.

7) Contoh penggunaan kutipan kalimat seru: [She said, “Look out!”]

  • Tanda seru berada di dalam tanda kutip.

Alright, enough with the explanation. Let’s do some exercise. Rewrite these sentences and use proper quoted speech. Let’s go!

  1. Anna said i have to finish my homework by tomorrow morning
  2. please do not litter the officer said to us
  3. we’re going to go on a picnic Frank said and we’re going to bring a lot of food
  4. i have two sisters they are both married said Lauren
  5. are you OK i asked her
  6. the man screamed don’t run


  1. Anna said, “I have to finish my homework by tomorrow morning.”
  2. “Please do not litter,” the officer said to us.
  3. “We’re going to go on a picnic,” Frank said, “and we’re going to bring a lot of food.”
  4. “I have two sisters. They are both married,” said Lauren.
  5. “Are you OK?” I asked her.
  6. The man screamed, “Don’t run!”

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on June 25, 2012

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