#EngClass: Blending Words

Good night, Fellas! How’s your day? Are you ready for today’s lesson? Because I’m ready to share the lesson with you now. Today, we are going to discuss blending words. Be prepared!

A blending word is a word that is made up of parts of other words that are combined to form a new word. Blending can also be called portmanteau words. Sometimes we don’t realize that some words are actually made up of two words.

Here are some examples of blending words:

  1. Motel (motor + hotel). Meaning: a hotel by the side of a road, usually with spaces for cars next to each room.
  2. O’clock [of (the) + clock]. Meaning: used after a number from one to twelve to say the time when it is exactly that hour.
  3. Smash (smack + mash). Meaning: to cause something to break noisily into a lot of small pieces.
  4. Smog (smoke + fog). Meaning: air pollution, especially in cities, that is caused by a mixture of smoke, gases and chemicals.
  5. Glimmer (gleam + shimmer). Meaning: to shine with a weak light or a light that is not continuous.
  6. Sitcom (situation + comedy). Meaning: a funny television or radio show in which the same characters appear in each programme in a different story.
  7. Workaholic (work + alcoholic). Meaning: a person who works a lot of the time and finds it difficult not to work.
  8. Dumbfound (dumb + confound). Meaning: so shocked that you cannot speak.
  9. Emoticon (emotion + icon). Meaning: a sideways image of a face formed by keyboard symbols, which is used in emails to express a particular emotion.
  10. Bollywood (bombay + hollywood). Meaning: the centre of the Hindi film industry, which is mainly in the Indian city of Mumbai.
  11. Infotainment (information + entertainment). Meaning: the reporting of news and facts in an entertaining and humorous way rather than providing real information.
  12. Netizen (internet + citizen). Meaning: a person who uses the internet.
  13. Camcorder (camera + recorder). Meaning:  a combination of a small video camera and recording device.
  14. Pixel (picture + element). Meaning: the smallest unit of an image on a television or computer screen.
  15. Farewell (fare + thee + well). Meaning: Goodbye.

We have blending words in Indonesian. Here are some examples: Asdos (Asisten Dosen), Sinetron (Sinema Elektronik), Pemilu (Pemilihan Umum), Betor (Becak Motor), etc.

Compiled and written by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4u on Wednesday, June 27, 2012.



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