#EngTalk #EngQuiz: Conversation with Someone You Just Met

Evening fellas, hope your day isn’t so bad :) a short #EngTalk will be happening soon, are you ready for it? ;)

So fellas, this time’s #EngTalk is a bit of #EngQuiz, so admin needs your participation :) here we go!


1. When you meet someone new that you never met before,do you say:

a)Hi or Hello,

b)How are you?,

c)What’s up?

2. What’s the best thing to do after that?

a) state your name,

b) state your origin,

c) state your job

3. How would you ask the person’s name?

A) You are?

B) What’s your name?

C) What are you?

4. If you want to know the person more, where would you start?

A) Ask address

B) Ask phone number

C) Ask origin

5. After knowing each other, some things you might not agree, would you say:

a) you’re wrong,

b) I don’t think so,

c) mistake

6. If you don’t understand something would you say:

a) What?,

b)Huh, what’s that?,

c) Sorry, I didn’t understand that

7. If you had to leave, would you:

a) just leave,

b) say ‘Sorry, I have to go now, if you don’t mind?’,

c) say ‘See you!’

That’s it, answer them fellas! Will post the answers and explanations later, see u in a bit! Those who just joined, look up our TL




A1. When you meet someone new that you never met before, you say: a) Hi or Hello, ini adalah sapaan yang sopan

Fellas can also say ‘Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening’ also you can then say ‘How do you do’ or ‘Hi, how do you do?’

Sebenarnya ‘How do you do?’ artinya tidak beda jauh dengan ‘How are you?’ = Apa kabar? namun di tingkat kesopanan How do you do spertinya lebih sopan dan biasanya ditanyakan kepada yang jabatannya tinggi, seperti kpd kluarga kerajaan

Note: for A1, How are you? can also be followed after Hi/Hello/greeting based on time, it’s always best to start with a greeting

A2. a) State your name is the way to introduce yourself at first, with that the person knows your name and might want to share his/her name too to you and so you both will start to know each other

A3. Of course, if he/she didn’t mention their name, you can always state your name and follow it by saying B) what’s your name?

Caranya: My name is _(namamu)__. What’s your name? = Nama saya ___. Siapa namamu?

A4. To know the person more, it is good to know where they came from so C) Ask origin would be a good one

It is not nice if you ask address or phone number straight away to a person you just knew, so try to avoid it in the beginning

A5. If you don’t agree on something, you can say B) I don’t think so yang artinya = Saya kira/pikir bukan begitu.

A6. If you don’t understand something the person says, it’s okay :) you can always say c) Sorry, I didn’t understand that. Setelah itu bisa ditanyakan dengan ‘Can you explain it to me?’ – Bisa jelaskan ke saya?

A7. If you had to leave including in the middle of conversation, it will be nice if you b) say ‘Sorry, I have to go now, if you don’t mind?’ so the person knows and admin is sure he/she will understand better

Well done fellas! You have done really great! Seemed most of you know well this part of conversations :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on June 5, 2012

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