#EngGame: holidays!

Those of you who are working today, yang sabar ya. :)

Okay as it is still the holidays admin today will not share heavy stuffs…

But… admin needs your participation. :) We will be playing a short #EngGame this afternoon about the holidays! Ready?

  1. What is the synonym word for ‘holiday’?
  2. If you see a calendar, what color is the National Holiday date?
  3. It’s a long weekend now, what is a long weekend?
  4. I’m in a sandy area, has salt water, with a touch of stronger breeze, where am I for the holiday?
  5. ‘I want to get out of my system this holiday.’ What does it mean?
  6. There are trees around us, birds chirping, we brought tent and equipments to accommodate us for a few days. What are we doing?
  7. A: ‘Holiday is starting tomorrow, where are you going?’ B: ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ Apa arti dari yang dikatakan B?
  8. While on the road trip to Jakarta, Lita and her friends stopped by in a service area.
    1. What is a road trip?
    2. What is a service area?
  9.  Lastly, where does the word ‘holiday’ come from?

That’s it for the #EngGame fellas! Answer them before admin RT your correct and best answers. :) Stay tuned!


So fellas, ready for the answers?

A1. @nyazaaa : Break, day-off, @Liia1116 : vacation

A2. Wish it was green, but it’s red :D @maliqdavero

A3. A holiday which are longer than usual weekend @arethareth

A3. Long holiday in the weekend (friday-saturday-sunday) @anggiamooy

A3. Long Weekend is tanggal merah berrerot/banyak/bergandengan:) @sariadt

A3. libur panjang @Shintia501

A4. beach @Abah_Wirantaa

A5. You want to be free on the holiday @fazri07

A5. I want to have fun in this holiday @dinsarr

A5. it has the same meaning like I want to be free and doing some activity out of his routine activity .@viona_yap

A5.Keluar dari kebiasaan sehari-hari @AldiEleazarP

A6. Camping @sofyanlich

A7. Saya tidak pergi kemana-mana @fazri07

A8. 1) By car or bus. Ehm… Perjalanan darat @cha939189

A8. 1) It means land trip. A trip by land transportation. @manttoo2

A8. 2) Service area is a place where driver can leave a motorway to refuel, rest, or take refreshments :D @sitysabrina

A8. 2) It means like a rest area or something. It usualy exists in the highway @manttoo2

A8. 2) Tempat peristrahatan @Aanjie07

A9. The word holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg. Derived from the notion of “Holy Day” and become its current form. @sitysabrina

That’s it fellas for today’s #EngGame! You all did a great job!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on May 18, 2012

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