#EngQuiz: guess the idioms

This #EngQuiz is related to idioms and taken from Penguin Vocabulary Games and Activities book.


1) What do you call the lines/wrinkles in this photo? The first word is a bird; the second word is a part of body.2) Which person is suspicious about something? a) “I smell a rat.” b) “I’m in a rut.” c) “I’m in two minds about it.”

3) My uncle has recently “kicked the bucket”. What has happened to him? He __________.

4) The exam was a “piece of cake”. What does this mean? a) It was easy. b) It was difficult. c) It was enjoyable.

5) Peter’s “behind bars”. Where is he? __________

6) If a couple share the cost of a meal in a restaurant, they go __________. a) British b) French c) Dutch

7) Which of the following is most likely to be “hen-pecked”? a) a pregnant woman b) someone in love c) a husband

8) Complete this expression: “As keen as __________.” a) cucumber b) mustard c) cornflakes

9) Which of the following words could be used to describe a book? a) thick-skinned b) dog-eared c) stiff-necked

10) Complete the saying: “P________ makes perfect.”

11) If a man was slightly bald, he might say “I’m a bit _________ on top.” a) loose b) thin c) empty

12) Is the sentence right/wrong? “He hasn’t long left school. This is his first job. He’s still a bit wet behind the ears.”

13) Look at the idioms. Choose two that are to do with money. a) caught up b) a skinflint c) in the red d) polish off

14) Complete the saying: “Out of the frying pan and into the f________.”

15) Which of the following would be useful for a politician to have? a) a white elephant b) a tight squeeze c) the gift of the gab


1) crow’s feet. crow’s feet (terjemahan: kaki gagak): nama untuk keriput di sudut luar mata, akibat dari penuaan (terlihat seperti kaki gagak).

2) “I smell a rat.“: kita mengatakan ini ketika merasa curiga, misalnya ketika mencium adanya kebohongan.

3) “kicked the bucket“: passed away; died (meninggal dunia).

4) “a piece of cake“: kita menggunakan idiom ini untuk menyatakan sesuatu yang mudah dilakukan.

5) “behind bars“: in prison; in jail (di penjara).

6) “go Dutch“: bayar sendiri-sendiri.

7) “hen-pecked“: diomeli dan diperintah setiap waktu.

8) “as keen as mustard“: idiom yang artinya “mempunyai keinginan kuat”. Sering digunakan di Inggris dan Australia.

9) “dog-eared“: digunakan untuk menggambarkan sudut-sudut halaman pada buku yang terlipat (seperti telinga anjing) karena sering dibaca.

10) “Practice makes perfect.“: peribahasa yang artinya jika ingin melakukan sesuatu dengan baik, cara terbaik adalah dengan terus berlatih.

11) “thin on top“: bald (botak).

12) “wet behind the ears“: inexperienced (kurang berpengalaman; masih hijau/ingusan).

13) b) “a skinflint“: orang jahat yang tidak suka mengeluarkan/menghabiskan uang. c) “in the red“: berutang ke bank; berutang.

14) “out of the frying pan and into the fire“: keluar dari situasi yang buruk dan berakhir di situasi yang lebih buruk lagi.

15) “gift of the gab“: kita menggunakan frase ini untuk menyebut seseorang yang pandai bicara.

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on May 12, 2012

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