#EngQuiz: “see”, “seem”, “look”, “show”, “view”

Fellas, masih ingat #EngVocab minggu lalu: see, seem, look, show, view?

Sekarang, kita coba latihan memakainya yuk.

Ready? Here it comes!

  1. My sister’s photographs are on _______ for a week at a gallery nearby.
  2. I heard you were ill so I came to _________ you.
  3. She ______ to enjoy the ______ of the sunset yesterday.
  4. Did you _______ my cat around here?
  5. ________ lively, girls! We gotta cheer up our team!
  6. I cannot _______ to figure out when he came here last time.
  7. My father _______ the way on how to solve the algebra problem to me.
  8. ‘How long did you stay here?’ ‘2 months.’ ‘Oh, I _______’
  9. Please don’t ______ down, let me ______ your face.

Answer ‘em fellas! Practice makes perfect! Admin will give the answers later

Fellas, the answers are going to be given now, ready? Here it is!

  1. show = foto-fotonya sedang dipamerkan (on show)
  2. see = melihat
  3. seemed = sepertinya -> yesterday adalah past maka “seem” berubah menjadi “seemed”, view = pemandangan
  4. see = melihat
  5. look -> “Look lively” = semangat!
  6. seem -> cannot seem = tidak bisa memastikan
  7. showed = memperlihatkan -> sudah terjadi maka past mengubah “show” menjadi “showed”
  8. see -> ungkapan dari “OK” atau “Oh, begitu.”
  9. look = melihat, see -> let me see = coba saya lihat

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on May 1, 2012

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