#EngQAs: 24 April 2012 and 26 April 2012


Q1. @adwandikaa: admin ada kalimat ‘I was cool before I went mainstream’ maksud ‘mainstream’-nya ini apa ya? Thx.

A1. Admin: Sudah buka kamus? Seperti yang disebut @NiaFadhillah mainstream juga brarti pasaran atau apa yang sedang ngetren.

Q2. @fachryspears: How do you translate things that do not exist in English? :)

A2. Admin:You just have to make sure it changed or not in English. It’s been agreed that way, did we ever ask the English to change their difficult words? No, so we both have to accept.

@fachryspears: But if we keep the words in Indonesian, foreign people (esp. Western) will have difficulty to read it.

@winaz: It may be difficult, but that should enrich the knowledge of other language for them… Just like not all English words have Indonesian translation, that’s the beauty of different cultures.

@naesruup: There’s no other way to translate words that we don’t even know the meaning.

@winazSometimes, the best translation is the explanation of the things… not simply in one single word.

@naesruup: If u know d meaning but no equal word in L2, better to keep it original but put a little explanation after it.

@fachryspears: …but like rice, it does not exist in England. But why is there its English? It is like “being adapted”. I know that. I always do that. But there must be a lil miracle that we can translate it into English. :)

Admin: Rice could be adapted (you can try search it). Well, what’s the reason for you that everything has to be in English then?

@winaz: I believe it has long history for a word can be formed… Mostly from cross cultural interactions…

Admin:  I don’t think it’s only rice, have you looked up our blog? Here are some food names http://bit.ly/Jumio3

@naesruup: Some words don’t have to be translated word by word, u just hv to keep d message, culture and art of it.

@winaz: That’s right, and so are the other Indonesian words which have yet the equal words in English… ^_^ So may be someday, word like pecel will come up with the English words like Peechel or else… :D we’ll see ^_^ When we keep d original & give it 2 the other w/ different culture, it may lead 2 a new CrossCulturalUnderstanding

@naesruup:Everytime we put an original word, because there’s no equal word in L2, give a brief explanation. it’s explain much :)

@winaz: Actually my point is along with urs, to keep the word as it is. I’m just not shutting the probability that the language may evolved when a cross cultural interaction take place coz language is part part of culture ^_^

@naesruup:  Can’t agree more :p

@winaz: Okay, we got to the same page then… ^_^ It’s nice to have discussion with @EnglishTips4U and its followers… ^_^

@naesruup: great to have the discussion too fellas, thnks for the thoughts sharing :)


Q1/A1. @balaibahasaUPI: Benar, Balai Bahasa mengadakan #ITPTOEFL setiap bulan. @rizkynugraha88 @heroinazola Re: TOEFL di Bandung

Q2/A2. @Ei_saja @damanhuri_ sudah pernah dibahas, coba cek blog ya. :) Re: “Thanks God” vs “Thank God”

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on April 24/26, 2012

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