#folktale and #EngQuiz: “The tiger and the baby”

We’d like to introduce a new article on EnglishTips4u.com. We call the program “Learning English through Indonesian Folktales” and this is brought to you by and .

Do you know what folktale is? Do you like folktale? Yes, folktale means ‘cerita rakyat.’ Many folktales have been made into popular movies (esp. by Disney) such as Aladdin (Iraq), Mulan (China), Hansel and Gretel (Germany), etc.

Do you know that you can learn English through , esp. by reading it? Do you wish someday Indonesian folktales will be famous? We can learn English and Indonesia’s cultural heritage at the same time. It’s fun!

We’ll start with a story from ‘s web, then there will be an  at the end. The  we will be sharing is called “The Tiger and The Baby”. Anyone ever heard about this folktale before? Well, let’s just start.

The Tiger and The Baby

On one beautiful day, a farmer and his wife finished working in their rice field when they saw a tiger cub on the way home. At first they were afraid. They thought the mother was near. But soon they saw a dead tigress near the cub.

“What should we do?” asked the wife. The farmer insisted to ignore the cub. Apparently it followed them home.

“Don’t follow us! Go back to the jungle!” said the farmer to the cub.

“He just lost his mother, he is lonely. Why don’t we keep him?” asked the wife.

When the farmer agreed to his wife’s wish, the cub looked happy. After a while, he grew bigger and stronger.. The tiger was obedient to the farmer and his wife. His task was to guard the house every time they went to the rice field.

Time went by.. The wife got pregnant and finally they had a cute baby son. Now the tiger’s duty was to guard the baby.

One day, when the farmer and his wife was working at the rice field, the tiger came to them, full of blood.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” asked the farmer. The tiger acted strange, as if tried to say something.

The wife suddenly remembered their baby and screamed, “Your mouth is full of blood. Oh my God! Did you eat my baby?”

The farmer was so furious. “You are really ungrateful! We have taken care of you since you were small!” He then grabbed a knife, stabbed the tiger. The tiger died instantly. They rushed home. When they arrived, the door was open.

They went to the bedroom and felt very surprised.. The baby was safe! He was sleeping soundly.

“Honey, look!” The wife pointed under the cradle. There was a big dead snake. Blood was all over its body.

“Oh no.. I’ve made a terrible mistake. The tiger did not eat our baby. He saved the baby from the snake!” said the farmer. The farmer regretted his wrongdoing. He killed an innocent animal. Not just any animal, but a loyal pet. But it was too late..

People knew about this incident. They later named the village “Penyalahan”. “penyalahan” means “wrong guess”.

That’s the end of our . How do you feel about it? FYI, Penyalahan is a village in Jatinegara, Tegal. Anybody’s from Tegal?


  1. Have you noticed that the uses past tenses to tell the story? Do you know why?
  2. “The farmer and his wife saw a cub on the way home.” What is a “cub”?
  3. Can you give examples of sentences using Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense in the ?
  4. In the sentence “When the farmer agreed to his wife’s wish, the cub looked happy.”, which word is “linking verb”?
  5. In the , find the word that has the same meaning as unthankful or unappreciative.
  6. “The wife pointed under the cradle.” What is a “cradle”?
  7. [“The cub is lonely,” said the wife.] Within the quotation marks [“…”] is “direct speech”. What tense does it use?
  8. “The farmer insisted to ignore the cub.” What does the word “insist” mean?
  9. “Open the window!” is an example of an imperative. Can you give an example from the ?
  10. Last but not least.. What do you think the moral of the story is?

Leave your answers in the comment box below and don’t forget to number them.

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, April 21, 2012

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