#EngVocab: Phrasal verbs with “put”

Hey fellas! Ayo hari ini kita bahas Phrasal Verbs dengan kata “put.” Siap?

  1. Put (something) across. Meaning: menyampaikan.
    • Example:
      • “During the meeting, management put across the message that our concerns were insignificant.”
  2. Put (something) away. Meaning:
    1. membuang/menyingkirkan.
      • Example:
        • “Let’s put away our worries, and live for the moment.”
    2. memakan/menghabiskan.
      • Example:
        • “Max put away several hamburgers in just a few minutes.”
    3. mengurung/memenjara.
      • Example:
        • “The government put him away for a year for having the wrong information on his website.”
  3. Put (something) back. Meaning: meletakkan sesuatu ke tempat semula.
    • Example:
      • “When you’re done, please put the wrapper back.”
  4. Put (someone) down. Meaning:
    1. menghina seseorang.
      • Example:
        • “Every time he and his girlfriend get together with their friends he puts her down in front of everybody.”
    2. membunuh hewan karena sakit atau terluka parah.
      • Example:
        • “The vet said it was necessary to put down the dog because of the accident.”
  5. Put (something) off. Meaning: menunda.
    • Example:
      • “Many students put off doing their homework until it is almost too late.”
  6. Put (something) on. Meaning:
    1. memakai (pakaian).
      • Example:
        • “Mary put her best dress on for the special event.”
    2. menunjukkan, menampilkan, mempertontonkan.
      • Example:
        • “The theater group put on a great show.”
    3. membodohi, mengerjai untuk iseng.
      • Example:
        • “You’re putting me on!”
  7. Put (something) out. Meaning:
    1. memadamkan.
      • Example:
        • “The firefighters put the fire out.”
    2. mempublikasikan, menerbitkan.
      • Example:
        • “The government put out a news brief to misinform the public.”
    3. mengeluarkan/mengerahkan.
      • Example:
        • “The workers put out considerable effort to get the job done on time.”
    4. mengusir.
      • Example:
        • “Please put the cat out.”
  8. Put (something) through. Meaning:
    1. menerapkan/melaksanakan.
      • Example:
        • “The committee was unable to put through any reforms on campaign financing.”
    2. menyambung panggilan telepon.
      • Example:
        • “Operator, put me through to the manager!”
  9. Put (something) up. Meaning:
    1. membangun.
      • Example:
        • “The construction workers put the buildings up in just a few days.”
    2. menyediakan penginapan dan makanan.
      • Example:
        • “The government put the refugees up in temporary housing.”
  10. Put up with (something). Meaning: mentoleransi.
    • Example:
      • “I have great difficulty putting up with noisy children.”

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, March 25, 2012



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