#EngVocab: phrasal verbs with “come”

  1. Come about – terjadi. How did that come about? Bagaimana itu terjadi?
  2. Come across (something) – menemukan secara tidak sengaja. As she was cleaning up his room she came across a photo. – tidak sengaja menemukan foto.
  3. Come along – muncul. She was quite happy until they came along. Dia cukup senang sampai saat mereka muncul.
  4. Come along – mengikuti/menyertai. Ralph asked me to come along on the trip, but I decided not to.
  5. Come along – perkembangan proses. Things are coming along well at work these days. Semua berjalan lancar belakangan ini.
  6. Come around – mengubah pendapat seseorang. After our long debate, Max finally came around to my point of view.
  7. Come back – membalas/menjawab. When Max criticized Mary, Mary came back with some very sharp criticism. Membalas dengan kritik pedas.
  8. Come back – menyamakan nilai (pertandingan olahraga). France came back to beat England after being down 1-0 all game.
  9. Come back – mengingat kembali. I think I remember that story. It’s all coming back to me now.
  10. Come back – jadi baik kembali. I was sick and weak, but now I feel better and my strength is coming back. Kekuatan pulih kembali.
  11. Come back – kembali tempat awal/sblumnya. Max left our office, but quickly came back after discovering he had left his keys here.
  12. Come by (something) – mendapat secara tidak sengaja. I’m not sure how I came by this hat, but I’ve had it for years.
  13. Come by – mampir (ke suatu tempat) I was in the neighborhood so I thought I would come by to see how you were doing.
  14. Come down – jatuh sakit. Max came down with the flu.
  15. Come down – berpusat pada hal terpenting/dasar. In politics everything really just comes down to the economy.
  16. Come down – menjadi semakin intensif. Snow has been coming down for about 2 hours now.
  17. Come down – turun. It’s been hot all day. Finally the temperature is starting to come down a bit. Temperatur semakin turun (sejuk).
  18. Come down on (someone) – mengkritik/memarahi. Max came down on Mary for not washing the dishes after dinner. Max memarahi Mary.
  19. Come in – tiba/sampai. News came in that next year’s car models have just come in.
  20. Come in – mendapat peringkat di lomba/kontes. Frank came in second in the marathon.
  21. Come in – menerima signal. No matter how much Max adjusted the antenna, the radio station just didn’t come in very well.
  22. Come into (something) – mendapatkan sswt. Mary came into a lot of money when her grandfather passed away.
  23. Come off – tampak/kelihatan. George doesn’t come off as being very intelligent.
  24. Come off – terjadi secara (baik/buruk dll). The meeting came off as well as could be expected.
  25. Come off – menyelesaikan/pulih dari suatu kejadian. After coming off a nasty hip injury, Andre went on to win the US Open.
  26. Come on – menjelang suatu kejadian. Our game ended as darkness came on. Menjelang gelap (malam).
  27. Come on – menunjukkan kepribadian/sifat seseorang. Mary comes on as a very serious person, but is actually quite fun.
  28. Come on – bekerja/berfungsi. I wish the electricity would come on again. It’s dark in here.
  29. Come out – menjadi dikenal, diperkenalkan ke publik. The news of his affair came out just before the wedding.
  30. Come out – menghasilkan/ber-akhir. Everything came out fine in the end.
  31. Come out – menunjukkan pilihan (prinsip) seseorang. The senator came out against drunk driving.
  32. Come over – berubah pandangan. Mary has finally come over to our way of seeing things.
  33. Come over – mampir ke rumah/tempat saya/kita. Max and Mary are coming over to watch football tonight.
  34. Come through – melakukan yang diharapkan. They came through for me and help me solve the problem.
  35. Come through – mengungkapkan/menyatakan. Mary’s displeasure with Max really came through when she hit him upside the head.
  36. Come up – membahas/membicarakan. In Max’s conversation with Mary, the topic of their wedding never came up.
  37. Come up – mendekati/menghampiri. Mary came up and introduced herself.
  38. Come up with (something) – memikirkan sesuatu (contoh: ide/solusi baru). Max came up with a brilliant idea.
  39. Come upon – menemui seseorang/menemukan sesuatu secara tidak sengaja. Max came upon a twenty dollar bill while walking down the street.

Answers for #EngQuiz: Phrasal Verbs “Come”:

  1. come back
  2. comes on
  3. came across
  4. came into
  5. came by
  6. come down
  7. come in
  8. came over
  9. coming down
  10. came in

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on April 4, 2012

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