#EngQAs: 3 April 2012

Okay fellas to wrap up tonight, ada 5 pertanyaan nih for #EngQAs (admin tidak trima pertanyaan baru), mohon bantuannya ya fellas. :D

Q1. @little_sari: does the sentence ‘ I was study’ have a meaning? I think not but I’m still doubt. Thanks :-) – Fellas?

A1. @waitaTW: @little_sari it doesnt, it’s supposed to be “i was studying” or you can also say “i studied” :)

Q2. @aNNdys_sp min saya mau tanya min.. Penggunaan “immortal” sama “eternal” min.. Makasih – Fellas, ada yang bisa bantu?

A2. @JBeebsINDONESIA@aNNdys_sp Kalo eternal: without end, lasting forever, unchange. Ex: God is eternal, eternal life menurutku immortal itu living forever and never dying. Ex: person’s soul is said to be immortal

Q3. @RendiSeptian bahasa inggrisnya cengeng apa ya? – Isn’t it cranky? Anyone has other suggestions?

A3. @adorablyfanny: .@RendiSeptian cengeng itu crybaby atau lebih ke whine/whining (mengeluh).Klo cranky, lbh ke ngomel, irritated..

Q4. @RIZKAFITRI min bahasa inggris nya langit langit apaan min ?-_- – Isn’t ceiling? Anyone?

A4. Admin: banyak fellas yang menjawab langit-langit = ceiling. Lain kali coba cari di kamus dulu ya, ga boleh males. :)

Q5. @little_sari differences between ‘you were gone and they are gone’ – Ayo… apa? Fellas?

A5. @waitaTW: .@little_sari “you were gone” is a past tense, and “they are gone” is a simple present tense, but in passive voice :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on April 3, 2012

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