#EngVocab: Phrasal verbs with “take”

Hey, fellas! Sebelumnya kita sudah bahas phrasal verbs dengan kata turn, go, get dan look. Ayo hari ini kita bahas penggunaan kata “take.”

  1. Take (something) apart. Meaning: membongkar, melepaskan.
    • Contoh:
      • “The mechanic took the engine apart.  He’s trying to fix it now.”
  2. Take (something) back. Meaning:
    1. mengembalikan.
      • Contoh:
        • “She took the dress back to the dress maker. He gave her the wrong one.”
    2. mengambil kembali sesuatu yang sudah diberikan pada orang lain, atau membatalkan sesuatu yang sudah kamu katakan.
      • Contoh:
        • “Let me take this back. I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.”
        • “I take it back. He’s not that good.”
  3. Take (something/someone) down:
    1.  menurunkan.
      • Contoh:
        • “She took her shorts down so that the nurse could give her an injection.”
    2. membongkar, melepaskan (sama dengan “take apart.”)
      • Contoh:
        • “He took down his tent and went home.”
    3. membuat orang jadi tidak percaya diri.
      • Contoh:
        • “The long fight has taken his wife down considerably.”
  4. Take in. Meaning:
    1. mengecilkan ukuran.
      • Contoh:
        • “Now that I’ve lost weight, I’m planning to have all of my dresses taken in.
    2. memberi tempat tinggal, menerima tamu.
      • Contoh:
        • “He took his nephew in while he was in town.”
    3. menikmati pemandangan.
      • Contoh:
        • “We took in the sights in the morning. The view was just remarkable.”
  5. Take off. Meaning:
    1. pesawat yang lepas landas.
      • Contoh:
        • “The plane will take off in an hour.”
    2. melepaskan sesuatu.
      • Contoh:
        • “Please take your shoes off. I’ve just mopped the floor.”
  6. Take on. Meanig:
    1. menanggung, menerima.
      • Contoh:
        • “He will be promoted. He will take on a lot of new responsibilities.”
    2. melawan.
      • Contoh:
        • “Look at my muscles! I think I can take on Mike Tyson.”
  7. Take (someone/someone) out. Meaning:
    1. mengajak seseorang pergi kencan.
      • Contoh:
        • “He took her out to a fancy restaurant.”
    2. mengeluarkan sesuatu, memisahkan sesuatu.
      • Contoh:
        • “She takes out the trash every night.”
  8. Take over. Meaning: mengendalikan/menguasai sesuatu.
    • Contoh:
      • “He will take over the company once he’s graduated.”

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, March 7, 2012



12 thoughts on “#EngVocab: Phrasal verbs with “take””

  1. setau saya juga ada begini..1. take after = resemble. contoh: “you take after your mom” > “you look like your mom” > “kau terlihat seperti ibumu”2. take in = understand, absorb. contoh: “it’s too hard to take in” > “ini terlalu susah untuk dimengerti”3. take up = start and spend time doing something (a hobby, interest). contoh: “my grandfather take up playing golf in his spare time.”

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