#EngGame: solve these riddles (8)

1) How many letters are there in the alphabet?

Answer: Eleven. By @gustira

2) Which month has 28 days?

Answer: All months have at least 28 days, some have 30, the rest have 31. By @iniuni

3) What is the poorest bank in the world?

Answer: The river bank. By @IBiebur

4) What has nothing but a head and a tail?

Answer: A coin. By @izal_suck

5) Which room has no doors and no windows?

Answer: Mushroom. By @isalquinn

6) What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter?

Answer: Envelope. By @DesniePutri

7) What letter is a vegetable?

Answer: P for pea. By @krisna_ajah

8) What has many keys but can’t open any doors?

Answer: A piano! It has 88 keys but can’t open any doors. By @sunnydaisy01

9) What car is spelled the same forwards and backwards?

Answer: Race car! By @gitasahasrara

10) What flies around all day but never goes anywhere?

Answer: A flag. By @Imam_nerracre

Compiled by @ChatrineYK at @EnglishTips4U on February 26, 2012


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