#AUSSlang: Australian slang (4)

  1. Make a blue. Arti: merusak sesuatu, membuat kesalahan.
    • Contoh:
      • I’m so sorry, I made a blue.
  2. Emma chisit? Arti: slang dari “How much is it?”
    • Contoh:
      • This bag is so damn cute. Emma chisit?
  3. Cream puff. Arti: mudah dikalahkan (banyak digunakan di bidang olahraga).
    • Contoh:
      • There are some teams that are cream puffs in the league.
  4. Garbo. Arti: tukang sampah.
    • Contoh:
      • The garbo collect the trash every Friday.
  5. Croc. Arti: palsu, mengada-ada.
    • Contoh:
      • Story about the haunted castle is a total croc.
  6. Dob. Arti: mengadukan seseorang.
    • Contoh:
      • I will dob on you if you cheat.
  7. Dux. Arti: mengetuai/memimpin di kelas.
    • Contoh:
      • Jerry duxed all of his classes this year.
  8. Even-steven. Arti: imbang, seri.
    • Contoh:
      • I’ve paid you back, so we are even-steven now.
  9. Earbashing. Arti: omelan.
    • Contoh:
      • My parents gave me an earbashing after for arriving home late last night.

Compiled by @ChatrineYK at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, March 1, 2012


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