#EngQuiz: homophone (2)

Fellas, kalau bulan lalu kita sudah sempat belajar mengenai homophone, sekarang coba kita latih lagi yuk dengan kosakata yang berbeda!

1. The cinnamon (role/roll) was so delicious!

Answer : roll. by @m0llyt0belly

Difference : role – peran, roll – gulung.

2. I didn’t (hear/here) what she said.

Answer : hear. by @poetrykesuma

Difference : hear – dengar, here – di sini.

3. They forgot to take (their/they’re) printouts.

Answer : their. by @ririsyalalalala

Difference : their – milik mereka, they’re – mereka adalah (sesuatu).

4. The house is by the (see/sea).

Answer : sea. by @nessjocc

Difference : see – lihat, sea – laut.

5. It was like pulling (muscles/mussels) from a shell.

Answer : mussels. by ‏ @dianesque

Difference : muscles – otot, mussels – kerang.

6. They read the poems (allowed/aloud).

Answer : aloud. by @AshenaPuteri

Difference : allowed – mengizinkan, aloud – keras.

7. The tea’s a bit (weak/week).

Answer : weak. by @alisrany

Difference : weak – lemah, week – minggu.

8. The eagle is a bird of (prey/pray).

Answer : prey. by @nuphy007

Difference : prey – pemangsa, pray – doa.

9. They (caught/court) a huge fish.

Answer : caught. by @m0llyt0belly

Difference : caught – menangkap, court – pengadilan.

10. I used a (board/bored) to cover the window.

Answer : board. by @izal_suck

Difference : board – papan, bored – bosan.

11. They tried to (steal/steel) the painting.

Answer : steal. by @KaRahmat

Difference : steal – mencuri, steel – baja.

12. he was a medieval (night/knight).

Answer : knight. by @sandhykeyz

Difference : night – malam, knight – ksatria.

13. Would you like an (aisle/isle) seat or a window seat?

Answer : aisle. by @Pratiwies

Difference : aisle – kursi lorong, isle – pulau kecil.

Compiled and written by @Patipatigulipat at @Englishtips4u

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