#EngQuiz: #USSlang quiz

Hey, fellas! Ready for some fun? After all the slang words we’ve shared, let’s do some exercise to check how well you remember them.

Complete the following sentences with one of the phrases in the parentheses.

(Lengkapi kalimat-kalimat berikut dengan salah satu frasa pilihan yang tersedia di dalam kurung.)

1. (ape) When the boxers knocked out his opponent, the crowd went ape. They …
sat quietly
cheered and clapped
To go ape’ berarti: heboh kegirangan, senang. Contoh: The guys in the band ran onto the stage, and all their fans went ape. Ada juga istilah ‘to go apeshit’ yang berarti: heboh/rusuh karena marah/kesal. Contoh: When they heard that the show was cancelled. He went apeshit and demand refunds.
hooted and flapped their arms
2. (babe) Who would normally be called a babe?
a man of sixty
a teenage girl
babe’ berarti: cewek cakep. Contoh: He’s checking out the cute babes from the girls school next doors.
a nine-year-old boy
3. (beef) If you have a beef with someone, you have …
a problem with them
beef’ berarti: masalah yg bikin kesal/marah. Contoh: He said he’s got a beef with me, so I asked him what the problem was.
a meal with them
a good time with them
4. (crash) She crashed while she was working at her computer. She must have been …
very tired
crash/crash out’ berarti: tidur. Contoh: I’m really tired so I’m gonna crash. I’ll see you in the morning.
very careless
very angry
5. (fib) If someone tells a fib, they say something that …
isn’t really true
Fib’ berarti: kebohongan/berbohong kecil (noun/verb). Contoh: I can tell you’re fibbing because you’re trying not to smile!
isn’t totally false
isn’t too good

6. (run-in) we could see he’s having a run-in with the guy coz they’re …
laughing together
shouting at each other
‘run-in’ berarti: bertengkar hebat dengan seseorang. Contoh: He had a run-in with the law yesterday. He’s stopped for speeding.
]shaking hands

7. (tons) Carol has made tons of new friends since she moved to New York. She is …
really lonely
never lonely
tons’ berarti: banyak, jumlah banyak. Contoh: Moving to a new apartment is a real hassle. I’ve got tons of stuff to pack up.
a real loner
8. (wheels) Paul says he needs his own wheels because …
he can’t drive
he enjoys walking
public transport isn’t good enough
‘wheels’ berarti: mobil.
Contoh: I really need some new wheels. My car just isn’t reliable enough any more.
9. (grand) Ten times a hundred grand is …
ten grand
ten thousand grand
one million
‘grand’ berarti: seribu rupiah/dollar/dll.

10. (mess up) I messed up at work today, so my boss …
told me off
mess up’ berarti: melakukan kesalahan. Contoh: She feels terrible about forgetting her father’s birthday. She really messed up. ‘Tell off’ berarti: memarahi, mengusir. Contoh: They told me off for stealing apples.
promoted me
congratulated me

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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