#AUSSlang: Australian slang (3)

  1. Come a gutser. Arti: jatuh tersandung, gagal dalam suatu hal.
    • Contoh:
      • Please be careful and slow down or you’re going to come a gutser.
  2. Flake out. Arti: ambruk/pingsan karena mabuk atau kelelahan.
    • Contoh:
      • He got so drunk that he flaked out on the couch.
  3. Eggbeater. Arti: helicopter.
    • Contoh:
      • An eggbeater crashed into a mountain in eastern Indonesia last week.
  4. Earwig. Arti: (verb) sengaja menguping pembicaraan, (noun) orang yang menguping.
    • Contoh:
      • It’s pretty impolite to earwig your parents’ conversation.
  5. Buster. Arti: angin kencang.
    • Contoh:
      • Large parts of Australia have been battered by buster for 5 hours.
  6. Ripper (adjective) Arti: ungkapan untuk mendeskripsikan sesuatu dengan makna positif.
    • Contoh:
      • Wow, she won the competition! She’s such a ripper!
  7. Heaps. Arti: banyak, slang untuk ‘plenty’, ‘a lot’.
    • Contoh:
      • His job earns heaps of money.
  8. Ivories. Arti: gigi.
    • Contoh:
      • My mom went to dentist to have a treatment for her ivories.
  9. Sprung. Arti: terpesona, terpikat, terobsesi karena cinta.
    • Contoh:
      • Although Tom has only been talking to her for 2 hours, he’s so sprung on her.
  10. Vejjo. Arti: sebutan untuk vegetarian.
    • Contoh:
      • There are many good reasons for being a vejjo.
  11. Eyes on, hands off. Arti: boleh dilihat, tidak boleh dipegang.
    • Contoh:
      • Those sapphires look so beautiful. Unfortunately, they’re kept in that glass box. Eyes on hands off.
  12. No drama. Arti: tak perlu khawatir/tidak apa-apa, sama seperti ungkapan ‘no worries’.
    • Contoh:
      • Everything will be okay, no drama.
Compiled and written by @ChatrineYK at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, February 09, 2012

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