#EngClass: Common mistakes in English

absence absense, absance
acceptable acceptible
accidentally/accidently accidentally
accommodate accomodate, acommodate (Double ‘c’ dan double ‘m’ ya, fellas.)
acknowledge acknowlege, aknowledge
acquaintance acquaintence, aquaintance
across accross (hanya satu ‘c’)
address adress (Double ‘d’ dan double ‘s’)
advisable adviseable
a lot  alot (Harus dipisah)
awful awfull
basically basicly
calendar calender
conscious concious
deposit deposite
dilemma dilema
dumbbell dumbell
embarrass embarass (Double ‘r’ dan double ‘s’)
exaggerate exagerate (Double ‘g’)
forty fourty
grateful gratefull, greatful
jewelry (UK : jewellery) jewelery
liaison liason
misspell mispell, misspel
questionnaire questionaire (Double ‘n’)
successful succesful, successfull
no one noone


Compiled by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, November 19, 2011


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3 thoughts on “#EngClass: Common mistakes in English”

  1. “3. Benar – Salah = accidentally/accidently – accidentally”They’re both “accidentally” so which one is the wrong one?

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