#EngTrivia: British vs American English vocabulary

  1. BrE: car vs. AmE: auto. Arti: mobil.
  2. BrE: lorry. vs. AmE: truck. Arti: truk.
  3. BrE: pavement. vs. AmE: sidewalk. Arti: trotoar.
  4. BrE: road. vs. AmE: pavement. Arti: jalan.
  5. BrE: flyover. vs. AmE: overpass. Arti: jembatan layang, jembatan di atas jalan.
  6. BrE: traffic jam. vs. AmE: tailback. Arti: kemacetan lalu lintas.
  7. BrE: queue. vs. AmR: stand in line. Arti: antre.
  8. BrE: shopping trolley. vs. AmE: shopping cart. Arti: kereta belanja.
  9. BrE: prawn. vs. AmE: shrimp. Arti: udang.
  10. BrE: sweets. vs. AmE: candy. Arti: permen.
  11. BrE: rubber. vs. AmE: eraser. Arti: penghapus.
  12. BrE: taxi. vs. AmE: cab. Arti: taksi.
  13. BrE: rubbish. vs. AmE: garbage, trash. Arti: sampah.

Compiled and written by @ChatrineYK at @EnglishTips4U on Saurday, November 25, 2011





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