#EngVocab: Choose the right words

Choose the right answers to fill in the gaps.

Everybody loves Anne __________ Ian.
A) accept
B) except
Don’t bring too many bags, otherwise you will have to pay for the _________ baggage.
A) excess
B) access
Have you had your breakfast __________?
A) already
B) all ready
The city’s public library is __________ our school.
A) besides
B) beside
__________ and shine, people!
A) Rise
B) Raise
The loss of his wife has entirely __________ his life.
A) effected
B) affected
I feel so tired. Let me __________ down for a while.
A) lie
B lay
Please keep the __________ in case you need to check your expenses in the future.
A) receipt
B) recipe
The __________ was delicious!
A) dessert
B) desert
Anne is good at making __________ designs of party dresses.
A) costume
B) custom
Ian didn’t buy the shoes because they were a bit __________.
A) lose
B) loose
Anne works at the Human Resources Department as a __________ officer.
A) personnel
B) personal
Ian is always good at making __________ to people he meets for the first time.
A) complement
B) compliment
The travelers __________ around the foreign city all by themselves.
A) wondered
B) wandered
They had an accident because the car’s __________ was broken.
A) break
B) brake

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Monday, November 28, 2011




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