#EngClass: “for” and “since”

Hey, fellas! Ayo hari ini kita bahas penggunaan “for” dan “since”.

Keduanya dipakai dalam kalimat Present Perfect dan Present Perfect Progressive Tense.

FOR digunakan untuk menunjukkan lama waktu sebuah kegiatan/pekerjaan. For = selama. Maka dari itu FOR diikuti dengan durasi.

Contoh (durasi): two hours (dua jam), five years (lima tahun), a couple of days (beberapa hari), etc.

SINCE digunakan untuk menunjukkan waktu/saat suatu kegiatan/pekerjaan dimulai. Since = sejak. SINCE diikuti dengan keterangan waktu yang jelas.

Contoh (sejak): 1999 (tahun 1999), two years ago (dua tahun yang lalu), since you last came (sejak waktu/terakhir kali kau datang), etc.



  1. My dog hasn’t eaten anything ….. Thursday.
  2. We have been planning this trip ….. last year.
  3. I haven’t seen him ….. several days.
  4. They’ve been best friends ….. high school.
  5. We’ve been waiting here ….. two hours.
  6. It has been raining heavily ….. last night.
  7. They’ve occupied the same house ….. five years.
  8. She has been working there ….. she was graduated from the university.
  9. We have been discussing this ….. two years ago.
  10. They’ve been expecting you … a while.



  1. since
  2. since
  3. for
  4. since
  5. for
  6. since
  7. for
  8. since
  9. since
  10. for

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on November 20, 2011

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