#USSlang: American slang (7)

  1. Bumping. Arti: penuh orang (ramai), menyenangkan.
    • Contoh:
      • “That concert was bumping!”
  2. Crackin’.  Arti: memulai sesuatu.
    • Contoh:
      • “Let’s get this party crackin’!”
  3. Babygirl. Arti: pacar (untuk perempuan).
    • Contoh:
      • “My babygirl is so pretty, isn’t she?”
  4. Sweat. Arti: khawatir.
    • Contoh:
      • “Don’t sweat over small stuff, be grateful.”
  5. Show some teeth. Arti: tersenyum.
    • Contoh:
      • “Come on fellas, show some teeth! :D”
  6. Woot. Arti: ekspresi kegembiraan, kehebohan.
    • Contoh:
      • “I just finished making my car modification. Woot!”
  7. Bang. Arti: mengagumkan, top.
    • Contoh:
      • “You should go to that restaurant, their pasta is banging!”
  8. Blast. Arti: sesuatu yang sangat menyenangkan.
    • Contoh:
      • “Happy birthday, have a blast!”
  9. Kick ass. Arti: sangat bagus,mengalahkan.
    • Contoh:
      • “You did a real kick ass job on your English test.”
      • “We kicked their ass in that final match.”
  10. Kicks. Arti: sepatu.
    • Contoh:
      • “Serena got some beautiful kicks from her aunt.”
  11. In. Arti: ngetren, fashionable.
    • Contoh:
      • “Blossom dress is totally in right now.”
  12. Barney. Arti: polisi.
    • Contoh:
      • “The barneys busted on some drunk guy last night.”
  13. Bust on. Arti: menyerbu, menyerang.
    • Contoh:
      • “The barneys busted on some drunk guy last night.”
  14. ‘Sup. Arti: a shortened form of ‘what’s up’, halo.
    • Contoh:
      • “‘Sup, fellas?”
  15. Peace out. Arti: sampai jumpa.
    • Contoh:
      • “I’m leaving fellas. Peace out!”

Compiled and written by @ChatrineYK at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, November 10, 2011

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