#EngClass: gerund (2)

Masih ingat tentang “gerund”? Sudah lupa? Yuk baca kembali di rangkuman pelajaran kita yang terdahulu di sini: #EngClass: Gerund.

gerund = bentuk “verb-ing” yang berfungsi sebagai kata benda (noun), bukan kata kerja (verb). Contoh:

  • “I like studying.” like = verb. studying = gerund.

Karena “gerund” adalah kata benda (noun), maka penggunaannya sama dengan noun yang lain. Seperti dalam contoh di atas, diletakkan setelah kata kerja (verb).

Berikut list beberapa verb yang penggunaannya diikuti oleh “gerund”: enjoy, finish, stop, quit, mind, postpone, put off, keep, keep on, consider, think about, discuss, talk about.

Contoh penggunaannya dalam kalimat:

  • “I enjoy reading.”
  • “He quits smoking recently.”
  • “She keeps on smiling every time I see her.”
  • “The teacher has considered not having the test today.”
  • “My brother and I are talking about going camping this summer.”


Fill in the blanks with appropriate gerunds.

  1. A: What is your hobby? B: I enjoy __________ so much. How about you?
  2. A: Why do you look so sad? B: It rained all day yesterday, so we postponed _________ on a picnic.
  3. A: Boss, can I take a five-minute break? B: Keep __________, don’t stop!
  4. A: Do you mind __________ me out here? B: Not at all. What can I do for you?
  5. A: Stop __________! I know you’re nervous and all, but it bothers me a lot. B: Sorry, I can’t help myself.
  6. A: You always think about __________ an actor. Now it becomes like an obsession. B: I know. I guess it’s my biggest dream.
  7. A: You should finish __________ soon, it’s almost midnight. B: Seriously?! I didn’t see the time!
  8. A: I am so proud of you that you finally quit __________. B: Well, thanks. I hope it will last.
  9. A: I don’t really like this neighborhood. I’m considering __________ into a new house. B: That’s too bad.
  10. A: As soon as you get your paycheck, don’t put off __________ your bills. B: Yes, yes, I heard you.

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on October 27, 2011

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