#EngTrivia: “then” vs “than”

Hi, fellas! Kali ini kita bahas perbedaan makna dan penggunaan ‘then’ dan ‘than’.

“Then” (dengan huruf ‘E’) umumnya digunakan untuk menunjukkan waktu atau urutan peristiwa.

  1. Then (adverb) – pada saat itu. Contoh: Back then I only had a bike, now I have two cars.
  2. Then (adverb) – kemudian. Contoh: Go straight and then turn right, he’ll be standing on the right side of the road.
  3. Then – maka. (Biasa digunakan dengan if). Contoh: If you’re hungry, then you should grab something to eat.
  4. But then (idiom) – tetapi, di lain pihak. Contoh: I had planned to go to Bali but then the tickets were all sold out.
  5. Then and there (idiom) – di saat dan tempat itu, saat itu juga. Contoh: She caught him stealing and fired him then and there.

“Than” (dengan huruf ‘A’) digunakan untuk menunjukkan perbandingan.

  1. Contoh (a): We learned more on the playground than we did in the classroom.
  2. Contoh (b): Today’s students seem to read less than students in previous generations.
  3. Other than (idiom) – selain dari. Contoh (c): Other than one sister, she has no close relatives.

Kesimpulan: “than” digunakan dalam perbandingan. Jadi bila tidak sedang membandingkan, gunakan “then”. Mudah kan?

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on October 26, 2011

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